10 Arrested After Crowds Of Teens Create Chaos At Inner Harbor

BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Violence at Baltimore’s most popular tourist attraction. Teens are arrested and tasered as police try to control an out-of-control crowd at the Inner Harbor.

Kai Jackson has new details on the confrontation and how it all started.

Calm in and around the Inner Harbor was shattered Saturday night when hundreds of teenagers converged downtown in a large area from the Block to 1st Mariner Arena. Police say, like others, this recent incident turned violent and investigators believe it was all organized online using Facebook.

“Really from different neighborhoods across the city—east, west,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police. “And really fought over trivial, silly things.”

Ameen Tyler, who works at a nearby restaurant, watched it unfold.

“It was a lot of commotion, a lot of people running around, frantic and scared,” Tyler said.

Police confirm to WJZ they used a taser to break up one fight and a teen was taken to the hospital in another altercation.

“She was stabbed in the arm as a result of a petty dispute,” Guglielmi said.

The Inner Harbor is Baltimore’s economic engine and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake says making sure it runs safely is a priority.

“They were being disruptive and we moved in to take control of the situation. It’s disappointing,” Rawlings-Blake said. “I’m committed to making sure the harbor is safe for citizens, as well as visitors. It’s a trademark and I’m gonna protect it.”

Police have surveillance video from the night of the incident. They are reviewing it as they continue to investigate.

  • Wiseguy

    ..the natives where restless.

    • Billiam


      • Gene


  • Billiam

    Leave it to our mayor to blame, at least partly, on the weather. No, your highness Mayor, don’t blame the weather. That would mean if we had a nice day, avoid the Inner Harbor at all cost. I avoid the Inner Harbor at all cost, no matter what the weather, because it ISN’T SAFE. This made the news – how many times do unruly mobs (whether five, ten or 100 doesn’t matter) not make the news because the City keeps it under wraps (or should that be raps?) No mayor, this is Baltimore youth simply acting out because they can and because they have no regard or respect for anyone, including their own parents.

    • The Punisher

      This is the main reason why i always care something to protect myself i resfuse to become a victim if it means someone child getting seriously hurt so be it they should not be hurting adults in the first place it,s time we take this city back enough is enough and i have had enough time to fight back..

    • Dan

      The Inner Harbor is a safe area. Isolated incidents will happen on occasion, but this is not an unsafe area. To avoid the area for this reason is to deprive yourself of one of Baltimore’s most pleasant locations.

      Based on the police response, I’m sure I would’ve felt fine walking right through the middle of this incident, although I’d probably have been annoyed by any kids being “disruptive.” The police reported some disorderly conduct and kids out too late at night. No big deal.

      I was just down at the Harbor yesterday evening, no troubles, no scenes. I drive through almost daily: saw an uptick in crowds on Saturday, but it was St. Patrick’s Day. Things were busier from there through Fells Point. And not in a stabby way, either.

      • yousefthe giant

        Dan, You are a fool & a stupid blind one at that.

      • Billiam

        Dan – as much as I would like to go to the Inner Harbor and enjoy a nice evening, it’s the possibility that what happened over the weekend could happen at any time. If I avoid going to the Inner Harbor, so be it – I would much rather go to dinner somewhere else where I know it won’t be disrupted by punk thugs who have nothing better to do with their time. I was in Canton for St Patrick’s Day and there were hundreds of people who, while maybe having a little too much too drink, simply didn’t act the way these other people acted at the Inner Harbor. I think it’s great you still continue to go there; I really do. I just don’t want to put myself in a position that at any time could turn ugly quickly.

      • Larry26

        You have been there at the right time. Baltimore City is not safe, night or day. I too used to go down to the Inner Harbour and enjoyed it immensely. There is no amount of money that could induce me to go there now. As long as the crimal element is left to do what they will and get away with it, it will continue. It is a downright shame.

      • RustysChaos

        Baltimore’s most pleasant locations are in Baltimore County. Mayor Rawlings, with all due respect your city is a criminal clusterf*&k.

    • Wiseguy

      It’s funny how you can have 70,000 people downtown during a Ravens home game….tailgating,drinking and having a good Ol’ time without incidents like this.

      Hhhmmm………I wonder why that is ? We know what the answer is.

      • Gene

        YEs we do. “Different” demographic

    • paul tupelo

      Yes but the fact remains that the nice weather brings out more hoodlems. During the winter months, when its cold, the Inner Harbor is pretty safe, but now that its getting warmer, the trouble begins. It happens every year, as the leaves spring from their buds, the troubled youth of Baltimore descend on the Inner Harbor. I do agree greatly with your last statement though. The youth of this city have no respect. In the last week i’ve had a bottle full of water thrown at me for no reason from across the street and then also had someone walk up behind me and throw ice because i wouldn’t pay attention to them.

    • Amanda

      Amen. It’s not the weather’s fault. I hate downtown. I used to love going there as a kid. Now it’s just unsafe.

      • mac

        Gee, I wonder what has changed?

      • M2

        Lois m, YOU are backwards. As a retired cop who grew up in the city and worked the city, it was safer in the 70’s. I used to go to the festivals on Rash Field, used to go to the Inner Harbor to walk around and it was safe –all as a teen and in my early 20’s. Then as a cop I saw it all change. I wouldn’t stroll around there now alone or with friends. The Inner Harbor Foot Patrol police take more reports than you realize. If you haven’t been a victim, then thank God. But I’m telling you, the Inner Harbor is not what it used to be.

      • louis m

        Safe when you were a child, but dangerous now? You must be dreaming, i think you have your timing backwards. The Inner Harbor used to be dangerous and it’s really safe now compaired to the 1970’s. Just don’t go down there on a Saturday night if you are afraid of City Kids. Other than that, it’s great for a day trip any weekend of the year.

  • JC

    WJZ : FIX the video. It takes until 2:43 to play past a black screen. The Clip should also end at 5:20.

  • why does dave seem right

    Usually, when sheriff dave, here, makes Archie Bunker’esque comments, I get irritated and report the comments (because if he can be stupid, I can rebel against it), but this time, I think the black youth who participate in this kind of chaos need to see something fundamental: When you behave like this, you make this fool and others like him seem like they may not be all that far off…really? Do you want to prove people like him right? Do you want the world to see you as predominantly animalistic? Do you want people to call you horrible, disrespectful names? Don’t you think you ought to make people like Sheriff Dave eat their words by proving him WRONG? Because that is what rational, decent, thinking people do. They see their mistakes and correct them. Sheriff Dave will never see how foolish he is…. UNLESS….UNLESS….stand up, young black women and young black men. Stand up and become the smartest, strongest, most beautiful people you can be and make RACISM a thing that we can dismiss as the rattlings of foolish old men.

    • John

      What a well written statement. Too bad none of the young black men you speak of it will ever READ it.

    • peter o neil

      I speak the truth & all know it.

    • Dan

      Do other youth behave like this, too, or is your comment more the rattlings of a foolish old man?

    • D King

      YES!! I often wonder why these young black folks so eagerly feed into the nasty stereotypes. I too would think that they’d want to break the stereotypical opinions that many people have. And yet, they behave just as horribly as a full blown racist would expect them to. Sad really that they can’t see this.

      • Logical thinker

        I am black, and I have to agree and disagree with your statement. First, I do agree that the black youth in the city are just feeding the opinions of others. Although I have to disagree when you just think its the black youth doing such things. Black or white it doesn’t matter. All the youth are the same, you just have to go to different areas. Personally I just think the black youth in the city are afraid to be different, that’s why they do such stupid things.This is my opionion, every has one.

  • Worst City ever!!!

    This a really serious issue that the mayor needs to address. We had a horrible experience this weekend at the harbour. We were attempting to eat outside and were disrupted by several teens who thought it would be funny to run thru the tables to scream at the patrons. Will not be returning any time soon.

  • 1-0-3-0 WITHERSPOON


  • Jude

    Oh, curfew violations! Are you effing kidding me? This is what cops do with their time? Enforce ridiculous laws that dictate when and where people can be in public!?

    So much for a free country!

  • Mikeb

    Try riding the metro. I deal with this on a daily basis.

  • ewklnewnfewf

    b more just sucks

  • Sharon

    First, you don’t know what color the kids are and Second, MOST kids in todays world act the same. It doesn’t matter what color they are; black, white, hispanic, asia or mixed…..kids will be kids. If you all can remember, we all did stupid things when we were young and there are no exceptions. The racist people with the racist comments alway blame it on the black kids. Why? Because that’s what racist do.

    • just sayin'

      Or perhaps, Sharon, that’s what BLACK kids do!

    • Billiam

      Sharon – careful where you tread. Once you accept the mentality of “kids will be kids,” you are part of the problem. It does matter what color they are – why would you want to be part of that mentality? You don’t see Asian or Hispanic teenagers running through the Inner Harbor ausing disruptions!!! You don’t, and I dare you to prove me wrong. Go through West Baltimore, O’Donnell Heights, Park Heights and Gwynn Oak, and then go through other areas of Baltimore – where would you want to be? Take a ride on the light rail? For what? Go to Owings Mills, Hunt Valley? For what? Maybe some of us did do stupid things – but you better believe that if I did, I paid the price. There is no respect from the young punk thugs today – they believe they are invincible. One day – they’ll be proven wrong and then it will be too late.

    • REV ELATION420


    • dave

      Hey Sharon, Take a trip through a jewish part of Balto or a WASP part such as Roland Park or Ruxton & then go throug the black West Balto & East Balto, come back & with a straight face tell me this again you fool.

    • RavenLude

      sharon, u do need to wake up………

    • paul k

      because we can sharon, it’s called freedom of speech, and yes if YO HO’s can talk about us we can talk about them

  • think Maryland

    we all know they were black because WJZ don’t mention race..

  • wise up

    Sharon, terrorizing people enjoying St pats day in the city isn’t kids will be kids …you should be condemming the issue not making excuses..fortunately, my kids learned values at home …

    • cHARMcity

      how bout you do something about it instead of running away… you never hear none of this going on at a black event… because these kids wouldve caught a serious beat down…. how bout you people stop running away and coming on here with your racial stupidness, when in all actuality you all are scared… soon they gonna take over fells point than where are yall gonna go??? towson, no, essex, no, catonsville, no… go back over the bridge to carroll county….

      • E. Cantalupo

        What are you implying? From what I gather you are advocating “beating down” a huge groups of your black inner city tennagers? Do you actually beat on these kids during a black gathering? And take over Fells Point???? Sounds like you are declaring some kind of war. What a way to civilize America’s youth, beath them down or have them :”take over” a section of a city I would think you would want to know that their parents know where they are and I doubt they would want their kids running and screaming like hyenas throughout outdoor restaurants frightening people.

      • D King

        charmcity’s mentality and attitude are most likely shared by many of the parents of these kids, which is EXACTLY why the problem exists. When I see someone post about oh you’re scared, why are you running away, and saying they would have delivered a “beat down” in the same situation, then it’s clear where the problem starts.

  • Jerry

    All i’m saying is that if they wanna act like animals put them in a zoo. That way the civilized people would feel safer.

    • cHARMcity

      so all those little white kids that shoot up schools belong in a zoo too… the same ones that use bottle cap bombs… where do they belong?? atleast these kids arent doing that… its far worst things these kids could do… you dont remember being a kid?? you probably the same scared white guy that just left out the bathroom a minute ago and didnt wash his hands because you where scared of a black person…

      • D King

        No. “all those little white kids that shoot up schools” belong in JAIL. Which is where they are. or dead. Those extreme cases are not even close to being the same thing as what this article is about. This story is about HUNDREDS of local kids that caused trouble at the harbor by behaving like out-of-control animals.

  • j. kramer

    charmcity. You are one of the reasons this problem persists.Let go of your mispercecptions and admit the truth, The intent of these youths were to disrupt the st. patty day celebrations and to scare the white people that were there with their familys.Its completely unacceptable behavior for whatever reason these teens can conjure up it is why curfews exist and they only hurt their cause by this behavior. Im so sorry that someone was stabbed and another person lost their life while their son was wounded. I did not hear you mention this are your concern. You should be ashamed of yourself. Whats more I don’t know whether these victims were black or white but it truly doesn’t matter. They were innocent people simply trying to enjoy their lifes. You owe all people an apology for your comments. As Dr. king said, “know the truth and it shall set YOU FREE”

  • 1-0-3-0 WITHERSPOON

    why isn’t the police commis ever involved in explaining the murders,gangs,drugs in baltimore city ? ALWAYS THE MAYOR

    • chubrock

      Because he is a figure head. He is in a position that has no power. Kurt Schmoke took power away from the chief of police and fire along time ago. They get paid well to take orders from the mayor, and then get axed like it was thier ideas or thier fault for what the mayor wants to do to the city. Ba ltimore has 1 of the top 5 ratio’s of police to population and crime gets worse. Sounds like alot of cops being paid to do nothing. Then again law makers have made it to hard for the police to do thier jobs affectively!!!

  • richard perry

    stay out of baltimore and let the hoods starve

  • Donna

    It is truly sad that these things happen. Mayor, I have mixed emotions on this matter, because it is my belief you put to much money into the the development of the Harbor while the rest of the city is dying. You want to bring people to Baltimore take care of the city and not just the water front. You go through the communities and see houses that are waiting for a big wind to blow them down. If I were a visitor I wouldn’t be attracted to Baltimore. I didn’t and won’t vote for you because your priorities are out of order. Baltimore is the by far lacking when it comes to entertainment for our kids (those from low income families).

  • Kimmy

    Very sad situation. I grew up in Baltimore and spent many good times at the harbor when my son was small. We moved away and never looked back. This”crowned jewel” of Baltimore is so badly tarnished I’m afraid it will eventually fail as a tourist destination. Wake up Baltimore…this city needs to get things under control!

  • essexman

    Don’t try to make excuses for these animals. They are cowards that travel in packs. The sad thing is the economic impact it will have on the businesses at the Inner Harbor. People will stay away because no one wants to be put in a position where they are endangered. These animals do this because they have the complete advantage and could care less about anyone.

  • ecko

    send all them black kids to an island so they can kill one another

    • lady

      so what do u want us to do with all the other kids ,

  • ecko

    send all those black kids to an island so they can kill one another not us

  • ecko

    round them all up drop them on an island im telling ya

    • yousefthe giant

      Ecko, We heard you the first time dic head. How about a creative response? Are you capable of that?

      • ecko

        and again round the animals up and drop them off on an island

  • Larry26

    This is a sad situation. There are a lot of vistors to Baltimore City and this is a very popular area. What is a matter with the kids. If there is confrontations amond the different parts of the City, whether the City Council or the ACLU like it or not, curfew will have to be established and enforced to protect the citizens of Balitmore City, The State and all the Visitors that come here. People are not going to come if they feel unsafe. Where were tha parent of these kids? Did they know where their children were?

  • Larry26

    I can also tell you that the rest of Maryland is tired of digging out the City. The Schools always need money. They are asking the State for money now and they borrowed before and never paid the State back. The only time that people want to go to Baltimore is for the Orioles and the Raven games. If this kind of violence spills over to these areas, Baltimore will be gone!

  • paul tupelo

    OK Baltimore, Now do you see why people not from the area say you deserve the place given on Most Rude Cities?

    It was also crazy by First Mariner Arena around 10pm when some Soul Jams show was let out. There was screaming and shouting for at least 45 minutes before the cops finally showed up. This city is in really sad shape.

    Honestly, I have no problem with the police arresting them as i work part time in the harbor and have seen my fair share of shady dealings, fights, you name it. Now that the weather is turning warm, the Inner Harbor is once again becoming a dangerous place for tourists and i need to remember to tell them to take a cab when they ask for directions on how to get somewhere. Baltimores Inner Harbor is not safe after sundown anymore.

    • yousefthe giant

      Paul, Right on, I hear you but will the naive fool from S. Dakota in town for a convention remember this warning? Nah, he or she will end up as the next victim floating in the harbor or found in the parking garage. ……OPEN Letter to Ms Mayor Blake. Take this stuff serious Ms Lip Gloss & have your cousins back off lest you become a ghost town.

      • D King

        yousefthe giant – I second your open letter.

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