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Family Wants Lawmakers To Pass A Bill Protecting People From Stray Voltage

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — The family of a Baltimore County teenager electrocuted in a city park is pushing lawmakers to prevent it from happening again.

Weijia Jiang has more on the huge rally to help them fight.

Deanna Green would have turned 20 this week, but her life was cut short at 14 when she was electrocuted by stray voltage.

“We don’t want this to happen again. We don’t want anyone to feel how we feel, to go through what we have and what we’ll go through until we’re six feet under,” said Nancy Green, Deanna’s mother.

On Tuesday, Green’s parents, Nancy and Bubba—a former Baltimore Colt—led a rally at the state capital to push lawmakers to pass a bill named after their daughter.

In 2008, Deanna died after touching a metal fence at Druid Hill Park. It was on top of an exposed wire underground; 227 volts jolted through her.

The law would require utility companies to check wires underground anywhere the current flows, like near sidewalks, street lights and manhole covers.

“In order to find the problem that killed our daughter, surveying needs to be done and we feel this is the way to find it and repair it,” said Bubba Green.

The Greens are not only fighting here in Annapolis, they’re traveling across the country because they say what happened to Deanna could happen anywhere.

“It’s still unreal and unbelievable that could just happen,” said Noah Pielow.

Noah Pielow , along with dozens of others, traveled from New York City and Washington D.C. to support the bill.

“Our concern is this is a silent killer,” said CORE Executive Director George Holmes.

One the Greens hope never claims another life.

“I could not…I could not sleep if I were doing nothing,” Nancy Green said.

Right now, subcommittees in both the House and Senate are considering the bill. They could vote sometime this week.

The Greens have also filed a lawsuit against the city of Baltimore. A judge has not made a ruling yet.


One Comment

  1. East side resident says:

    Whoever wrote this article needs to proof read it again. Something doesn’t make sence.

    “Deanna Green would have turned 20 this week, but her life was cut short at 14 when she was electrocuted by stray voltage.”

    then says

    “In 2008, Deanna died after touching a metal fence at Druid Hill park. It was on top of an exposed wire underground; 227 volts jolted through her”

    It doesn’t add up

  2. Shortie says:

    What difference does it make how old the child would have been, she was 14 when she was electrocuted smh. and you should proof read what you write also as you statement should have read it doesn’t make sense really does a age matter a child lost her life from unsafe wires. R.I.P. Deanna i hope this law get passed so it won’t happen to another innocent child.

  3. Shortie says:

    excuse me i guess i should have proof read too your statement

  4. anthony green says:

    No need to go back and forth about Deanna’s age she would have turned 20 on March 21, 2012. That is ok we are just glad you took the time to comment. A lot of work has gone into getting this bill passed and your right a life was taken, and if we pay attention to what we say, this world would be a better place, and when you proof read it helps. I just hate it when the last word comes from a reporter and it’s not true, it will not cost 8 million to run the surveying. How about this it’s costing BG&E more in lawyer fees to stop us from having this bill pass, then for them to go out and find the problem, think about. Here is the real problem the share holders will lose out because the money in the maintenance and repairs line items, will actually go to repairs and maintaining the cable lines and the money will shrink, and people will not get their share, sorry that is not our fault 1% per centers take care of your suppliers, the 99% that come into contact with the danger of Contact Voltage.
    So ask yourself this question why are they fighting so hard?
    BG&E was thrown out of the lawsuit,
    Baltimore City thrown out of the lawsuit,
    So why are they both fighting us, so hard????? Could they be both have something they are covering up? Like the wires that are decaying, and the corruption in Baltimore City Hall.
    Great Job Ms. Jiang. Do your home work Mr. May

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