Glenn Younes: Real NCAA Meaning

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NCAA Basketball Tournament -  Loyola v Ohio State
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Sports is about opportunities and that’s what the NCAA tourney gives to all the 18-22 year old young men we watch during march madness. Imagine the memories we all have, the 20th anniversary of Duke / Kentucky this year, the Valpo shot, even the Drew Nicholas 3 pointer. These are our sports memories but they are the acts of kids.

Kids living out their dreams because not all college ball players think they’ll go pro. Look at the the kids from Ohio they are into the sweet 16 and they’ll remember this forever. That’s why I love the tournament, not the bracket, not gambling or any of that. Days like Friday and days like Sunday remind me why I love sports. It’s about the feeling you get being involved, even if it’s just via tv or as a fan. The feeling these players have is why I love sports, the brackets are just a side note to my feelings.

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