Glenn Younes: Bounties A Plenty

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New Orleans Saints v Baltimore Ravens
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If you heard my show Wednesday you know I’m very much against the OVERLY HARSH penalties NFL Commish Roger Goodell slammed down on the Saints along with Gregg Williams. I’m not saying punishment wasn’t due, because it was. Bounties have been a part of the league for years and the Saint were the ones who got caught. I get that. I also get the part about sending a message and stopping bounties for good. I guess I’m just the type of person that doesn’t need to get smashed over the head with a ruling to understand the message.

The 1 year for Head Coach Sean Payton including his 7.5 million salary is outrageous, not including the rest of the collateral damage inflicted by the “Lord of the League”. Factor in the change of competitive balance with no Head Coach for a year and )in season) the GM for half. Unreal. Punishment was due, there is no question about it but the level of over the top fist of justice has me wanting for reasonability. People can save the lawsuit, concussion, big business, tv revenue concerns… I get it! The league was protecting itself. Again tell me something new. At the end of the day there is a way to protect & send a message, huff & puff, without blowing the house down.

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