ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)– A tax hike is coming to Maryland but the Maryland House and Senate are split on the size of that hike.

As political reporter Pat Warren explains, both chambers agree with the governor that Marylanders should pay more.

While the House of Delegates debates the budget inside the State House, police break up a tax protest outside.

Taxpayers protested blowing their horns outside the State House Thursday afternoon to let lawmakers know how they feel about the tax hikes.

The noise was heard through open windows. Capital police reigned in the parade, ticketing at least one driver.

“I am giving you a citation for illegal use of a horn on a motor highway,” the police officer said.

The $60 fine only added insult to an already-perceived injury.

“It’s become almost unaffordable to live in the state of Maryland,” said Carl Garrett, protester. “I think they’re outrageous. I mean, the governor has hiked taxes every year he’s been in office and I don’t understand how he thinks he can keep taxing us and we’re just going to keep taking it,” he said.

The Senate wants to raise $473 million in income tax increases. The House version raises $200 million.

“Under the House plan, 87 percent of people in this state will pay no more– not a dime more– in income tax than they would if we did nothing,” said Del. Sandy Rosenberg (D-Baltimore).

Other differences are how the teacher pensions will be transferred to local governments. And while the Senate version taxes Internet sales, the House version does not.

The House work on the budget is expected to wrap by the end of the week.

The state is also considering a bill to add a six percent sales tax to the price of gasoline.

Comments (16)
  1. 1-0-3-0 WITHERSPON says:

    get rid of pensions and roll them over to 401 plans

  2. Marian says:

    will this same policy makers also be paying the higher income tax? take away the perks this people get and our budget will be better off. and a note to 1-0-3-0 witherspon. get rid of pensions put your money in a 401k and when a recession hits lose thousands of your money just like i did. i had to add 5 more years to my time until retirement because of the money i lost when the market dropped into the bucket. so, no thanks, got rid of 401k and kept the pension. money from 401k now in a roth account. much safer.

  3. Debbie says:

    And the police ticketed drivers for illegal use of their car horns, a $60 ticket.
    So obviously we are supposed to keep quiet and let these thieves just keep robbing us blind as they refuse to actually “budget” and not spend money they don’t have. After all it is taxpayer’s money not theirs what do they care?
    Cut their pay and perks and see how willing they are to “serve the people”

  4. peterpan says:

    Debbie, You & the rest of the common sense people have a chance to fire all of these Democrats Come November. We especially need to send a message to anyone connected with HUD & it’s black socialist agenda fo giving away something for nothing. Old, poor & disabled should be the only critera for housing assistance. All others need to get educated & work. This is the big black lie.

  5. bmoregyrl says:

    I think if all of America would stand up and protest with all the taxes and high gas prices and everything going up the pay. Time for the US citizens to come together and stop all the stupide spending. Start getting work in the US and not over seas.

  6. wherescommonsense says:

    Good grief. We keep electing politicians who don’t listen to what constituants want. When will we learn?

  7. peterpan says:

    Just listened to schmuck O’Malley on “Morning Joe” MSNBC. What a croc he is . Never mentioned anything about robbing the trnsportation fund to pay for other projects. Just kept asking for more of Marylanders money.

    1. WHATHHESAY says:

      hey peter , your watching the wrong hews station

    2. Jeff Adams says:

      O’Malley is so smug, and PMSNBC coddled him, no questions about why the flat gas tax is insuffucient, such as where did 700 million dollars from the transportation fund go?

      Never enough taxes for a greedy Democrat.

      What will he have to raise next year?

      A fee is a tax, Bob!

  8. taxpayer says:

    saying the tax doesnt affect 87% of Marylanders?….Less and less Marylanders are paying taxes. What percentage of Marylanders even pay taxes? like 40-45%? Government needs to do their part and cut the spending! Dems and Reps. Acting like a bunch of spoiled entitled brats down there in Annapolis — makes me sick.

    1. Jeff Adams says:

      Don’t blame republicans, every measure they proposed to cut spending was shot down by the DEMOCRATS who continue to strangle the state

  9. taxpayer says:

    Getting on the government dole is looking better everyday!

  10. taxpayer says:

    Mayland is really becoming to model state for Obamonomics – why work when the standard of living is just as good the other way

  11. Truth Telling says:

    Gives me a good idea. After being laid-off in 2008 and burning through unemployment, savings, and my 401-K money, I need to be on the dole ,too. Geez, I worked TWO part-time jobs in 2011 and grossed $14,000. Next, I need to divorce my wife so I can get food stamps, EIC, and all the other goodies that the a-wipes who voted for these clowns are receiving.

  12. peterpan says:

    I sense a lot of frustration & anger in Md & across America. This recent killing of a black youth in Florida could be a tipping point for racial divide. I never could quite understand why Coons could live , eat, shop in the same neighborhood if I am paying there freight while they sit & do drugs, drink, & make little hoodrats all day. I went to school, worked hard & sacrificed for these Moolies?

  13. Marcy A says:

    Excuse me if I’m wrong,but I thought King George died along time ago. We are a small state compared to most,but rank 4th and 6 th in taxes paid. And here the King wants a 6% gas tax,tax on services like hair cuts and such. They have state credit cads for fuel(we pay the bill) Get over inflated salaries to take our money,take more vacations than we could in the private sector. Then decide we should pay more,lets see them live on what most of us have to live on. They wouldn’t last very long before the rates would drop.

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