Why do people not listen to my advice when it comes to the government? When the Saints bounty gate scandal broke a few weeks ago I predicted on the show that all involved should shut up about what they knew. Not because I believe they shouldn’t tell the truth but rather out Congress is so off course that telling the truth about something that’s not a crime yet may become one once our government gets involved. Worse yet, ex post facto won’t apply . As I predicted one of the members of Congress ( Sen Dick Durbin of Illinois) has suggested that the US Congress should hold hearings to criminalize the Saints ‘ bounty program by creating a federal law.

Our federal justice system has become a monster that was never supposed to be. It reaches into the business that was previously left to states and has penalties so draconian that even the innocent are forced to plead guilty to crimes they didn’t even commit because the risk of losing is too severe to even contemplate going to trial . Sean Payton , grab one of the player’s helmets because it’s gonna be raining bricks really soon.
I hate to say it but…I told ya so.


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