By Ron Matz

GLENELG (WJZ)—It’s a great day to enjoy some ice cream, not just for you, but for your dog.

Ron Matz has more on Maryland’s first ice cream truck for our four-legged friends.

It’s Maryland’s first ice cream truck for dogs: Tiki’s.

Tiki’s Playhouse owner Kelvin Abrams came up with the idea.

“About a year and a half ago I read an article about the first doggie ice cream truck in the U.K. At that point a bell went off in the back of my head. A year and a half later, here I am. I did some research and to my knowledge this is the first doggie ice cream truck in Maryland,” Abrams said.

Jane loves it and so do all her four-legged friends.

“We have human ice cream trucks around for humans, and our dogs are our friends,” Abrams said. “I like to call them humans in little fur coats. They’re our friends and family members, so we get spoiled with ice cream, so why not spoil your dog with ice cream?”

The truck has ice cream, cold water, dog treats and more.

“We have all natural holistic treats and ice cream. It’s good stuff. It’s not the cheap stuff you find in the supermarket,” Abrams said.

The truck is ready to roll, and you’ll be seeing it at pet events all over the Baltimore area this summer.

“We’re getting the truck out into different counties. We’re setting up with dog groups that meet in dog parks. They’ve asked us to come out and serve ice cream to their dogs,” said Sarah Rojas, events coordinator.

Abrams plans to put his peddler’s license to use.

“We’re going to be riding around and doing events,” he said. “We’ll be doing events all over Maryland. We have about 15 scheduled already.”

You’d want some, too. There are four flavors for your four-legged friends: banana, blueberry, molasses and peanut butter.

“We’ve had a warm reception,” Abrams said. “It’s exciting. Everyone loves the idea and the concept. We have great graphics and logos.”

The doggie ice cream truck will be making appearances at a number of upcoming pet events, including the Baltimore County Humane Society’s Easter Eggstravaganza on April 7. Ten percent of the sales will be donated to the Humane Society that day. Tiki’s will also be at Maryland SPCA’s 17th Annual March for the Animals on April 29 at Druid Hill.

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  1. Lives near Gleneg says:

    The name of the town is Glenelg, MD not the Scottish highland Glen Elg.

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