GAMBRILLS, Md. (AP) — A Maryland high school student has been charged with harassing a classmate who complained online about being bullied.

The Capital of Annapolis reports that the Arundel High School student was charged as a juvenile last week and released to his family. Police have not released the student’s name or discussed the investigation.

The harassment allegations came to police attention after a classmate, who identified herself only as “Sarah,” posted an
online essay in which she described being bullied and receiving death threats.

The student posted the 500-word essay on the website Reddit and said school administrators had not done enough to stop the harassment.

Police spokesman Justin Mulcahy says police did a two-day investigation, but declined to comment further.

The school says it’s dealt with the harassment.

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  1. Working Poor says:

    seriously??? The comments this kid made that were posted in another article were “go jump off a bridge” or “go die”. I think when I was in high school I heard those kind of comments at least 3 or 4 times day.

    This girl should grow up, cause guess what in a few years she is going to be a grown up and no one is going to be there to protect her from stupid insults. But thats just what they are, stupid insults. So grow up, get over it, and let the cops go do some real work.

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