BALTIMORE (AP) — Jury selection could begin as soon as Monday in the retrial of twin brothers accused of setting a pit bull on fire.

The Baltimore Sun reports that lawyers for Travers and Tremayne Johnson want certain evidence excluded from the animal cruelty trial. A judge won’t rule on that request until at least Monday, when jury selection might begin.

The brothers are accused of setting the female pit bull on fire in 2009. The dog was later euthanized. The first trial ended with a hung jury.

Defense lawyers want the judge to exclude a police surveillance video showing portions of the attack, calling it unreliable, and a gas can prosecutors have tried to link to the burning. Lawyers say the brothers’ fingerprints and DNA weren’t found on the can.

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Comments (6)
  1. rob says:

    we should lit them on fire. two less criminals in the world. Im sure the only one to miss them would be thier mother.

  2. Notta Blackface says:

    i agree with rob- let’s light these worthless piles of monkey excrement on fire- then after they are sufficiently cooked, feed their bodies to a pack of pit bulls.

  3. Jerry says:

    I agree with the above comments. But I bet one of three things is gonna happen,
    1.Not guilty.
    2.Slap on the wrist and go home to mommy. ( So you can start killing people )
    3 community service.
    Burn both of them and make them suffer before they die just like the dog did. This should go for any animal abuser . What ever they did to the animal should be done to them.

  4. SanFordNSon says:

    I feel the same way as the three people above feel,I have a question for the bla$k race???can you tell people are fed up with seeing your bla$k as$es on breaking news commiting all crimes including murder????YESS WE ARE FED UP WITH IT !!!! ANIMALSSSSSSS ! ! ! !

  5. Ballsohardclub says:

    I’m surprised these coons are still alive. They will get PBJ or if any time, it will be suspended. No matter they both will be in prison or dead before they see 25 yrs.

  6. Snowbird04 says:

    Hey look, people discriminate against pit bulls, and they are wrong, so why do you people have the right to discriminate against the black race? This is a huge problem with our world, and shows that many humans are still living in the past. What about the white kid in Bosnia that blew up a German Shepherds mouth off with an M-80 and the dog wandered the streets for 5 days unable to eat in severe pain. Would you make the same remarks about the white race? leave race and anything else to do with profiling out of it, as it shows the neanderthal side of humanity, which many of us have surpassed.

    BTW, I am white in case you were wondering.

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