By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)—Officials at two shelters in Baltimore County have an unusual problem. Within 24 hours, 18 dogs–most of them pure and puppies– were rounded up in two different locations by concerned citizens.

As Mike Schuh reports, there is speculation that the dogs might have gotten too old for a breeder, who set them loose.

Most of the strays that end up in shelters are mutts. But these are high-quality dogs. That’s the mystery.

The kennels in Baltimore County are a bit more crowded. On Tuesday, 18 dogs were rounded up in two locations and turned in to two shelters.

What’s unusual to those who are caring for the dogs is the number of them who are purebreds.

“Well it’s unusual to say the least,” said Tom Scollins, Baltimore County Animal Control. “We don’t get in large numbers of purebreds at once.

On Monday, 10 dogs were found running loose near Halethorpe. Just a few hours later, near Owings Mills, eight dogs were rounded up by concerned citizens.

The county shelter got one Australian cattle dog. The Baltimore Humane Society got four. They look alike and are about the same age.

“It could be a commercial breeder who had to get rid of some animals ’cause they couldn’t sell them anymore. I don’t know. Very unusual,” Scollins said.

At the Baltimore Humane Society, 10 dogs are now getting care. The Humane Society doesn’t want pictures of the 10 dogs they received out yet as they are in isolation, sick, underweight and not social.

Veterinarian Mary Zink has concerns about the dogs.

“Some of them look similar, so our suspicion is that they’re from the same person and they’re spreading their pets throughout the Baltimore community,” Zink said.

Though these dogs could have been injured or killed once turned loose, once adopted, they’re certainly going to a better home than they had.

Four of the dogs at the county shelter are available for adoption; the ones at the Humane Society are still in isolation.

Comments (18)
  1. Ed W says:

    I hope the authorities look thru ads on Craig’s List, internet puppy mill front sites & newspapers for people in the area selling this less common breed. Odds are one of them is the heartless you know what that dumped those dogs. ACD’s are not a common breed and are not used for fighting and such, so I suspect they are quite correct it is a puppy mill dump. Please remember, when you buy a dog from a pet store or off a web site that sells directly to the public, that is the type of breeder you are buying from!

    Australian Cattle Dogs are great very intelligent dogs, so please consider adopting one once the dogs are ready for placement!

  2. michele r. says:

    Wouldn’t hold my breath that the dogs/puppies are totally safe at Baltimore County Animal Control, euthanasia rate is extremely high there, and any hope of them recruiting a rescue to help is nil. Would be nice to see a follow up story on the dogs there in about 14 days, to see if they are still alive or…

    1. CeeCee says:

      You read my mind Michele R.! These dogs have no hope at Baltimore County Animal Control and I am shocked they let camera near the place! They don’t deal with volunteers or rescues, although a dire need has been voiced to the Maryland judiciary branches! What are they hiding in there that they don’t want FREE volunteers and rescues, or the public see??!! I’m surprised these dogs weren’t killed before the news stations left the parking lot!

  3. Linda G The Little Dog Walker says:

    Whoever did this is just heartless slime !!!!! Sure hope the authorities find this self centered money hungry bleeder and ends up serving time. With better and stricter Md laws and people like me that go after these idiots GUESS WHAT ? We will find you !!!!! and hoprfully before you ABUSE anymore animals.

  4. Patricia says:

    How do I get in touch with the adoption people……I’m interested in the shepherd.

    1. MsPhillyG says:

      Ms Patricia….how awesome of you to want to save a life….the Baltimore humane society is one location. Please see as quickly as possible because one poster said, the Baltimore county animal control have a high kill rate. I don’t know anything about Baltimore, but I wish you all the luck in the world. if I didn’t have two big dogs I would be on my way to put my name on the list. I hope someone adopts all of them, they are only puppies.

      1. Patricia says:

        The problem is I don’t know who to contact, according to the report the one dog that I’m interested in is at the “county shelter”. I’ve tried finding it on the internet to get in contact with them, but all I can find the County Humane Society.

    2. Jackie says:

      Call the Baltimore County Animal Shelter. The may be able to give you more information. You can gogle to get the number.

    3. sn says:

      Here’s the Baltimore County Humane Society’s number 410 833 8848

      1. Coby says:

        This is the link for Baltimore County Animal Control….the shelter they showed in this news story.

  5. Tecmo says:

    “But these are high quality dogs.”

    I hope you realize how offensive that statement is to all the wonderful mutts out there who are amazing dogs. Please don’t perpetuate the stereotype that most shelter dogs are somehow broken or less good than any other dog.

    1. Shannon says:

      With you on that, Tecmo!! All animals are priceless regardless of breed or type!!

    2. Coby says:

      It has been my experience that shelter dogs are truly the most lovable dogs out there!

  6. ashley says:

    ummm….can you say puppy mill??!!

  7. The Grump says:

    You may want to be careful with “purebred” dogs from known “puppy mills”. They are often so imbred that they tend to die early, and are even more prone to diseases particular to the breed. I found out this tragic truth after a basset hound “puppy mill” rescue I adopted. The still young dog got glacoma, and lost her sight within a month. The first vet thought it was an eye infection, so the glacoma was diagnosed far too late. Bassets can and do get glacoma, but they usually get it much later in life, if at all. If you adopt a “puppy mill” puppy, don’t get attached to it, because it rips your heart out when you have to have them put down, due to some incurable condition.

  8. Lead Börse says:

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