House Shoots Down Hunting License Fee Increase

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — The House of Delegates has shot down a bill that would have raised hunting license fees.

The measure failed Monday on a 62-69 vote.

The bill would have raised the hunting license fee for a Maryland resident from $24.50 to $40. It also would have raised
fees for nonresidents from $130 to $160.

The Department of Natural Resources has said that increased costs have constrained the department’s ability to provide basic levels of service for land management and hunting programs.

But opponents of the measure argued that the bill could hurt the state’s economy by giving out-of-state hunters pause in coming to Maryland to hunt.

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  • Honest Steve

    How many out of state permits do we sell every year?

    What wild and exotic animal can you come to MD to hunt that you cant hunt elsewhere cheaper?

    • Dave

      Hunters from all over the country come to the eastern shore to hunt water fowl. It is a very big part of the local economy over there.

  • tonybaloney

    This like the boat registration fees is nothing more than a greedy money grab by legislators who can’t or won’t cut spending. Instead they continue to tax & burden the mostly white tax payers of this state & give it to the new Americans, Mexicans & lifelong lazy blacks. Why oh why ??? Votes? Like they need votes to do what they want anyway?

  • Fedup

    I don’t think it would be as much of a concern of,”out of staters”, not purchasing a licence in Maryland,…as it would be,”residents”, not purchasing a licence.

  • Limit out!

    Just doesn’t make sense to increase licensing fees, when MD has overpopulations of whitetail deer, canada geese, and snow geese. Also, while you can go many other places in the US and hunt many things, the goose hunting is some of the best in the world.

  • Prop Bought

    Maybe the state should stop buying up all the land and then they would have some money. Look at the tax records for Blackwater and others.

    • Dave

      Blackwater is federal land.

  • Trapper

    Thank you to all those members of the House who voted against raising the hunting licenses fees. It was based a bunch of BS to start with, like everything that this current administration in Annapolis does.

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