BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Budget crunch. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake wants to close more than half a dozen swimming pools. The controversial plan has outraged some city parents.

Adam May has new reaction from the mayor.

Major pools will not be shut down, but they might get busier with swimming options dwindling.

Seven of Baltimore’s smaller neighborhood pools could be all dried up but the new plan to close them for good has many city parents upset.

“I just hope they don’t close the pools,” said one mother. “Then what the kids gonna do? That’s what sends them to the corners, ’cause they have nothing else to do.”

The city faces a $48 million deficit and the mayor says the closures are necessary.

“You have to choose your priorities and prioritize your spending on things that matter most to families,” Rawlings-Blake said.

The mayor hasn’t named which walk-to pools would be shut down but they’re targeting the oldest ones with the lowest attendance.

“They’re obsolete and what young people enjoy are the splash pads we’ve been installing,” Rawlings-Blake said.

The city has plans to open more of the splash pads, like the one at the Inner Harbor. Also, as part of an ongoing overhaul with Park and Rec services, the city’s busiest and biggest pools will see expanded hours.

Some council members are against the change.

“We have resources I don’t think we’re creatively using as much as we could,” said Councilman Carl Stokes.

Baltimore’s not alone in this issue. Over the last few years, dozens of major cities across the country have shut down pools in this rough economy.

The City Council still has to approve the mayor’s budget.

Comments (23)
  1. Wiseguy says:

    …..close em’ all…….and keep the fire stations open.

  2. Jackie says:

    There is something wrong when you have to close pool . Come on find another way to save money It will probably be the hottest summer we have ever had. Use the money we saved from no snow the winter . The kids need something to do and its helps kids stay out of trouble .

    1. Jerry says:

      Hey Jackie , The idiot mayor and dumb ass governor blew 30,000 dollars to the trucks and drivers just to sit on the side of the road and do nothing. So thanks to these 2 a**holes the snow budget is blown.

      1. Big Daddy says:

        Really, $30,000 is pocket change. The snow budget was not $30,000, I am sure that it was closer to the millions. The mayor is charged with balancing the budget and living within the means of Baltimore City. Nobody likes cuts, but they are for the good of the majority.

  3. really says:

    its going to cause unnecessary overcrowding in the pools that remain open with a higher probability rate for drowning due to if a child drowns and the city is sued (which the parents will do) the city will be out of even more money….better to weigh all the options…save now and pay later is not a way to save money…open all or none…

    1. DHarri says:

      That is about the most lame statement I have ever hear, I guess that entitlement mentality never really goes away.

      1. really says:

        this comment has nothing to do with entitlement…all I’m suggesting is that it will cause more problems later…as I stated open all the pools or none to avoid the inevitable…if a child drowns because of the lifeguards inability to see him/her parents will blame the city…and they will probably win…only in this fair country can you sue everyone…blame that on the lady who sued Mcdonalds for dropping her coffee in her lap…

      2. Bernard Wilson Rutherford IV says:

        Actually it has everything to do with entitlement. I’m sick of paying MY money to support others. It’s hard enough putting a roof over my family’s head and food on the table, but the local, state and federal governments all give my money away to those who don’t earn it.

        Why is it that I have to pay for the basics while thug-mommas get to eat steak and lobster….for FREE? Why is it that I had to work and scrounge and SAVE for my home and continue to work for it while others are given vouchers to live in the same neighborhood as me…..for FREE?

        Worse, it’s not just free but I have to pay for it. So I pay for all the litter and garbage strewn about and the loud noises and inviting their thug boyfriends over? What a system, fortunately it’s going to end soon.

  4. theox says:

    Close all pools. Hire more cops. Have no mercy.

    1. rob says:

      I agree with theox completely. Close the pools and hire more cops to patrol areas like the Inner Harbor where residents of the Metro area refuse to visit because of the crime of the city’s youth. Maybe more tax dollars to the budget next year.

  5. DHarri says:

    Let them swim in the biggest pool in Baltimore, its called the Harbor, have fun and stay safe.

  6. Hey says:

    are the city pools free ??

    1. really says:

      no they are not free..but the cost is minimal like 2 dollars I believe…

  7. m.A. says:

    The problem with the underclass who live by handouts & refuse to work is that now they want to dictate policy…..I have a big dic they can all taste.

  8. Wiseguy says:

    Make em’ Pay to Play………No more free hand outs.
    I’m sick and and tired of working my butt off every day just to pay the entittlements of the lazy worthless thugs.

  9. Notta Coon says:

    Where’s a N*gga gonna swim?

    I be calling the gobernment on my free cell phone to complain about dis…..

  10. rob says:

    wiseguy….an oxymoron for a moron

  11. Bernard Wilson Rutherford IV says:

    Ut oh. If the Bantus aren’t able to cool themselves off it’ll just mean this is the year the murder rate hits 400.

    How many stabbings and shootings during hot summer nights will we see. How many of them will be caused by kids who’d otherwise be tuckered out from swimming all day?

    How many “ax-ings” do you think we’ll see in 2012? Only one I recall from last year. How many will be caused by restless young adults, restless because they haven’t spent the day like the rest of us getting off their butts and working.

    How many rapes will occur, and how many more will go unreported? How many will be against White women, women like your sisters and daughters? How many will be because of the rage and urges that beasts are unable to control?

    How many more assaults? How many more robberies? It’s going to be a long, hot summer folks.

  12. Ballsohardclub says:

    Bernard Wilson, Sounds like you are the beast with the rahes.

  13. Ballsohardclub says:

    I meant to say “Rages”.

  14. Ballsohardclub says:

    Mayor should consider closing her mouth & legs. Open up her brown eye instead.

  15. happyjack says:

    In spite of what many think, Black is not beautiful. Only if you’re Batman!

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