SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) — Montgomery County Police have arrested a Virginia man they say engaged in prostitution at a Silver Spring hotel.

Bryant Livingston, 39, of Manassas, Va., was arrested March 16 and charged with five counts of prostitution. He
was released on bond.

Police say management at the hotel said Livingston, a frequent guest, had rented a room on Feb. 15. When police went to the room that day, officers say they saw 11 people in the room, including several in various stages of undress.

Police say one man admitted to paying Livingston $100 to go into the hotel room and engage in sexual activities.

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Comments (6)
  1. cj says:

    OK people please, unless I am totally wrong this sounds like a swingers party. This man is put out all over the news for a crime that is far from true. The fee the man claims he paid for was most likely to help reduce the cost of the room and refreshments etc. That fee wasn’t guaranteeing any sexual contact. That would be left up to the consenting adults. Now it sounds like he lost his job because of this, even though he was on his own time. I’m throwing the BS Flag. He should bring lawsuits against the hotel, police department, and the TSA. Mr. Livingston, Good Luck. I hope you prevail.

  2. KED says:

    @ cj==The article plainly ststes there were multiple persons in various stages of undress. Whats wrong w/ this picture?

  3. cj says:

    @ KED==If you know anything about the swinging life style, knowing is wrong with that picture.

  4. Timothy says:

    Who the hell cares? As long as they are adults,not being a nuisance, being out in the public or killing anyone who cares!! We have more important things to focus on. Senseless murders,unemployment,raising gas& food prices,falling schools your proirites are messed up!!

  5. oscar says:

    Damm, Guy can’t get a B.J. in the afternoon anymore anywhere….What a shame, now I gotta go get a policeman or high school girl / boy to suc my big pickle.

  6. The grump says:

    What kind of cops arrest people for the crime of being partly undressed in a motel…Oh, Montgomery County Police. Nevermind.

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