Former Ravens O-Lineman Wally Williams joins The Norris & Davis Show every Thursday morning at 7:20.  Wally always has great insight.  He wants the Ravens to draft for depth.  He thought the Redskins were right and the league is wrong to penalize them AND Wally thinks putting Parcells as interim coach of the Saints is a horrible idea.

The NFL Owners have voted to adopt current playoff overtime rules format for regular-season games beginning this season.  Each team will have at least one possession in overtime unless the team that receives the opening kickoff scores a touchdown on its first drive.

Former Ravens lineman Wally Williams likes the idea, ‘That was a no-brainer.  It doesn’t take a boardroom of geniuses to figure that one out.  Change the rule and give others an opportunity to score in overtime.’

When asked about other recent changes to the game, Williams added, ‘There have been so many changes that are watering down the game.  The quarterback situation is outrageous.’

Adding that he understands changing rules in an effort to protect players and extend the length of careers but ‘What exactly is a defenseless football player on the field of play when the clock is running?’

Williams also questions the inequality of penalties between players and teams especially in the wake of the NFL Bounty scandal.  He feels that the NFL should regulate team administration and coaches more closely, ‘It seems like, given an opportunity, they will flex their muscles and do some un-Godly things that I think are not even close to being appropriate for the competitive nature of the game.’

Angering Mr. Williams are rumors that former coach Bill Parcells will become the interim coach for the Saints since Sean Payton was suspended 1 year for his role in the NFL Bounty program.  Williams would like the NFL to treat a coach suspension similar to a player suspension, ‘when players are suspended you can go back and sign another guy and add him to your rosters.  So why do that with coaches?’ questioned Williams.


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