ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) –The Maryland Department of Natural Resources says it’s preparing to allow trapping for river otters in far western Maryland after reintroducing them to the region.

The agency said this week it expects to set a bag limit of one otter per season in Allegany and Garrett counties, starting in December.

Trappers can take as many as 10 per season farther east, where otters are more plentiful.

Wildlife managers say water pollution from logging and mining had virtually eliminated river otters from far western Maryland by 1900.

The agency began restoring the population in the 1990s through a cooperative agreement with Pennsylvania, and by moving otters from the lower Eastern Shore.

The agency says trapping will produce valuable information about the western Maryland otter population.

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  1. michele r. says:

    DNR makes me sick, they justify anything in order to “bag” fees for hunting and trapping. they cry and moan about the “overpopulation” of deer, and allow more and more hunting, but yet at the same time, they are seriously talking about introducing MOUNTAIN ELK to western maryland. a species of animal that hasnt been native to maryland since the late 1700’s. get real DNR, you are a money scheme. hope your legs get caught in a trap. bag that.

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