BALTIMORE (WJZ)– It was perfect weather for opening day at the Baltimore Farmers’ Market. For 35 years, shoppers have been loading up on fresh food. This year, the market is off to a great start.

Adam May has more.

The Baltimore Farmers’ Market reopened for 2012 Sunday and shoppers were amazed by the choices, considering it’s so early in the season.

“There was a lot of stuff. Only half of the vendors but they have nice full tables and looks great,” Jim Rossman said.

“Bread, coffee, donuts,” are what Laura Rossman said she likes at the market.

Farmers are already selling a decent selection of locally-grown greens.

“Asparagus you wouldn’t have on a usual year, but with it so warm, it’s two weeks ahead, so that’s a good thing,” Jeff Kreit of Zahradtka Farms said.

The first round of tomatoes and berries are also expected in the next few weeks.

And this year, there’s more vendors so you can eat while you shop. And the money you spend stays local.

“We have key lime, chocolate Snickers silk pie,” said Ed Bloom, Grandpa Sweetie’s Silk Pies.

Bloom is donating some profits from his new mini-pies to Baltimore school Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs).

“The programs and projects that are cut– art, phys ed, music– we’d like to get them back in. Money for the parents to decide instead of Baltimore City Schools,” Bloom said.

It’s shopping you can feel good so good about, and it’s enough to make you a regular.

“Pretty much every week. Every week,” the Rossmans said.

They are expecting new items as summer draws near.

The farmers’ market is every Sunday under the Jones Falls Expressway downtown from 7 a.m. until about noon.

Comments (5)
  1. victorzsoto says:

    Finding samples in the real world for real families is quite easy using “Official Samples” site, Remember, it’s not how much you save, but how little you spend.

  2. inmy_opinion says:

    The farmer’s market is becoming a joke. There are more food vendors than there are farmers selling vegetables. It is like being at the food court at the mall.

  3. dave says:

    Fresh fruits & vegetables along with meats purchased at the local Giant / Safeway lying under a filthy expressway? You have to be kidding man.

  4. love the fresh food says:

    I go to the one on 32nd street, I have been attending that one for 13 years, I have certain stands I get certain things from, they are regulars there, and I know I can trust the product.

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