BALTIMORE (AP) — Elwood “Bunky” Bartlett knows what it’s like to split a huge Mega Millions jackpot, and the former Dundalk resident has some advice for Maryland’s latest winner.

Don’t take the lump sum and stay out of the limelight.

The 45-year-old former accountant told The Baltimore Sun that his professional training didn’t prepare him well enough for what would come his way after he split a $330 million jackpot with three other winners in 2007.

Bartlett, who walked away with $32.6 million, says he has thousands of emails from people seeking money. He also says taking annual payments is a good idea because people can go a little crazy after getting a lot of money. Bartlett says annual payments force the winners to budget their money.

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Comments (5)
  1. mega loser says:

    As usual the ole “bunkster” can’t wait to give a quote to the paper or put his mug in front of a TV camera.What was that about staying out of the limelight

  2. Antoinette Shorter says:

    you mad because he didn’t share any of the winnings with you? LOL

  3. Allan says:

    Any heirs could be stuck with a huge tax bill if a lottery winner took payments and died before collecting it all. The present value of winnings are part of the winners estate. Heirs typically won’t have enough present money to pay the taxes due on the estate. The IRS will fine them and the taxes, penalties and late fees may exceed the entire winning. In the case I read, the heirs lost all the winnings plus had to pay an extra $800 per year. Consult with an estate planner and tax attorney before claiming any lottery. I’d recommend taking it anonymously through a trust or other mechanism if it is available in your state.

  4. Mastro says:

    Its stupid to take the lump sum- especially with how week the dollar is getting.

    If you blow $100 million you are far too stupid to learn anything by getting smaller sums- get it- and come up with a budget.

    1. Mastro says:

      Oop- I meant to NOT TAKE the lump sum- take it all now-

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