Don’t do it Baltimore. Don’t vote him in. is running a contest where fans will vote the next cover player for Madden 2013.  I am not the least bit superstitous. Not a bit. Not one iota.  But this is too freaky to ignore.  Almost every single player that has been on the cover has been cursed the next year or soon after.  Seriously, do the research.  I have.

Daunte Culpepper, Michael Vick, Eddie George, Peyton Hillis, and on and on.  It wasn’t as bad for Ray Lewis when he was on it.  He just got hurt late in the year.  Still, there’s been enough evidence to suggest that you’re jinxing yourself by going on the cover of Madden. Please, Ray Rice, don’t do it.  He goes against Drew Brees in the Sweet 16, with voting ending Wednesday, so I don’t think he will make it.  But, and I hate to cheer against him, I hope he doesn’t.


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