ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)– A proposed state sales tax increase is back in play. Gov. Martin O’Malley floated the idea in January, and as political reporter Pat Warren explains, now it’s back as an alternative to adding the sales tax to the price of gasoline.

Another penny on your dollar out of your pocket and into the state’s.

“And dedicate that penny to our transportation needs,” Gov. O’Malley said.

O’Malley says raising the tax Marylanders pay on just about everything but food would avoid applying the sales tax to gasoline.

“I always thought that the most unpopular thing is whenever you combine the word ‘gas’ with the word ‘tax’ even when it’s applying the sales tax,” he said.

And the higher gas prices go, the more unpopular it becomes. O’Malley thinks the less unpopular approach is to drop the gas tax plan and raise the sales tax from six to seven percent.

Warren: “What do you think?”
Margaret Don: “I think that might hurt people less than the tax on gasoline.”
Warren: “Which one do you like better?”
Jim Don: “I’d go with the tax on gasoline.”

“I think it’s a tax that could disproportionately affect people more the gas tax one than the sales tax,” Jim Milko said.

“We pay enough on gas, we pay enough on sales tax. He’s (Gov. O’Malley) gotta find his money somewhere else,” Martha McCann.

“The governor talked about an increase in the sales tax. Personally, I don’t think that would work,” Senate President Mike Miller said.

Miller says the gas tax is still on the table. Governor O’Malley say he’s open to whatever, short of nothing.

“The fact of the matter is, by letting traffic get worse and worse, you’re already condemned to paying more by doing nothing,” O’Malley said.

If the transportation funding is not resolved by midnight Monday, the question becomes: Will Gov. O’Malley order a special session? He jokingly replied, “Every session is special.”

The 2012 regular session ends April 9.

Comments (43)
  1. N says:

    The headline to this article is incorrect. The proposal is to increase the sales tax by one percentage point, not one percent, its a big difference.

    Increase of one percentage point: 6% to 7%
    Increase of one percent: 6% to 6.06%

  2. Mike says:

    How about a idea omalley never consider, cutting spending.

  3. dave glenn says:

    I am surprised that a liberal democrat would want to tax the poor. His proposal will be more painfull to the working poor and clients of DSS than to people with incomes of $45K or more. Great campaign slogan when O’Malley seeks higher office,”I tax the poor!”

    1. Jim says:

      His base is so dumb they’ll vote for him anyway.

    2. Nancy says:

      couldn’t agree with you more Dave well said

  4. yousefthe giant says:

    Since OMalley became governor the state sales tax has been increased from 5% to 6% which is a 16.6 % increase & not one penny like the B.S. he is feeding you. From 5% to 7% is will represent a 40% increase & not 2% or 2 cents. People, do the math.

  5. BigRedBird says:

    So much for the concept of ‘helping working families’….

  6. Stupidity Rules says:

    Our governor is an ass.

  7. GEO says:

    This guy is so out of touch that a few weeks ago when he was interviewed by WJZ, he did not have any idea what a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk cost. He does not know the meaning of consumer impact. He is a total butt head.

  8. MovingMDBackwards says:

    Anyone that voted for this fool should have to pay a 20% sales tax idiot tariff.

  9. Shannon says:

    Stop taking our money and then spending it on BS!!!

  10. Frank says:

    I like where our wonderful governor states that the penny will go towards our transportation needs. Just what needs are those? More busses that nobody wants to ride? We had a huge transportation fund that he stole. Where did that money go?

    1. meeeeee says:

      What about the millions of dollars stolen from City schools when he was mayor, or the continuous overflow of hundreds of millions of gallons of wastewater flowing into our bay annually. He’d do better for our state if he just left and never came back… cant we as a whole oust him from MD? There should be an overthrow/mutiny clause in the Constitution for when powermongers get too much power and lose touch with society, like the cost of bread… what an idiot… Good Ole OSally.

  11. Wiseguy says:

    To all the idiots that voted for him………….Ye Reap what Ye Sow.

    1. chearts77 says:

      Unfortunately, those of us who were smart enough not to vote for him are reaping too.

  12. anti-liberal says:

    Answer this, oh great and wise Democrats: what taxes will have to be raised next year to balance the ever-expanding budget?

    Do we just sirrender all of our money and hope we get some back?

    1. anti-liberal says:

      surrender, sorry, typo.

      1. jim says:

        I don’t care about the typoooo but you are 100% right!!!!!!

  13. B___S says:

    In the End all Politicians know how to do is spend money and raise taxes. They do not know how to cut spending and there isn’t any politician that has repealed any taxes. Look into to their eyes and when you talk to them and you will see they just don’t know how to do anything else but tax and spend.

  14. LaDasha says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Governor O’Malley is doing a great job for the people of Maryland. The majority voted him in office so start supporting him. FYI I ride the bus almost everyday. Also President Obama saved this country and all I hear is negative comments about him by you people.

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

    1. anti-liberal says:

      “You people”??? We people be the people who be payin’ yo’ welfare check

    2. rightofcenter says:

      Yea.. the majority of people in Balto. City, PG County, and Montgomery County. He didn’t carry a single county outside of those 3 most populace ones.. Any idea why?? Because most of those people stood to lose something, not gain. This might be too tough for you to noodle through but he’s proposeing this to improve transportation, what about the doubling and tripling of the tolls? Wasn’t that supposed to go to transportation? The toll facilities had money when he took office before he raided it for something else.

    3. J says:

      That’s probably because you’re reaping the benefits of my paycheck and not yours!

    4. twizted logic says:

      Making things more expensive will not fix this… The only hope and change we need is hope that Obama and Omalley will change their venue to Antarctica. I love arguing with the livestock of america… It’s like causing a stampede toward a cliff just to see them jump off and blame the one next to it for none of them turning… Obama is smarter than Charlie Manson if that is his goal… Either really smart or really stupid… So after the entitlement has left America to nothing where the farmers will not share food with those not capable of working, who will suffer then… keep investing in a loser and you will lose yourself.

    5. queen says:

      He’s doing a great job if you’re on welfare & contributing nothing. All you fuc’n spooks do is take. No wonder you’re hated.

  15. biteme43 says:

    simple cut spending cut the salary of those in office to fund your pet projects———
    To all reading this take out the trash come November

  16. Keppygirl says:

    O’Malley needs to go!!!!!!!!! If he can’t get one tax, he tries for another. Hello?!?! It doesn’t matter what you raise…WE CAN’T AFFORD IT !!!!!!!! Get the memo!!! Oh, and where’s all the snow removal money????

  17. taxpayer says:

    Obama, Omalley,…just goes to show how stupid and lazy this county has gotten. The idots are taking over. Obama and mini Obama have sold out the working class. How are they even getting elected you ask?…Democracy does not work in a mental institution. The right is no longer a conservative group, it is the only rational political group.

  18. MD VOTER says:

    50% working and paying taxes. 50% not working, sitting back taking handouts, having babies, and waiting for more entitlements. How can this country possibly survive? It is time (November) to get these liberal democrats out of office. Vote Cardin, etc. OUT. This state and the federal government must stop spending, deport the illegals, and force able bodied people receiving handouts to WORK. O’Malley, Cardin, Babs, Van Hollen, Hoyer, etc. are nothing more than cheerleaders for Obama.
    LaDasha get a JOB.

  19. rightofcenter says:

    Thank you.. Thank you Thank you oh great governor O’Malley for deciding to tax us in a different way that you first thought of. I guess when he really thought it through, taxing something that is already taxed was a bad idea. Didn’t this happen back in the late 1700’s and look what happened. I really feel for you in trying to come up with new taxes you haven’t already inceased. And was that a complete quote ”“And dedicate that penny to our transportation needs,” Gov. O’Malley said. Was there anything after that stating ‘until I need it for something else’??..

  20. meeeeee says:

    What Omalley is saying is if you wont let him eff you in the mouth, he will eff you in the A! Take your choice but he’s getting his.

    1. taxpayer says:

      perfect comment

  21. scott says:

    Owe’Failure can talk taxes when he gets rid of his “political perks” that are funded by taxpayer dollars. Such as the skybox at M&T Bank stadium and @ Oriole Park. We shouldn’t be forced in to paying more money while he spends some of it to allow his friends and family a free seat at a ball game. This clown is so drastically out of touch with realities it is startling. Remember this when he decides to run for higher office.

  22. Ronnie Adams says:

    This would be a wonderful boon for Delawarian businesses, I know I would be inclined to head there to shop since I live only 20 miles away! I would much rather give that state my money then have this state’s government squander it away on the likes of Casa De Maryland.

    1. The Working Man says:

      Casa de la Race Baito, Section 8 expanding ever more into the counties, other people’s food and electricity and gas….for what? So the that lazy and inferior can sit at home all day an play Xbox and OUT BREED US, that’s what it’s for.

      F U O’Malley. I’m done with this state after I graduate, that’s the only thing keeping me here. Since I’m in an employable major I’ll be taking my skills, talents and leadership abilities elsewhere. You can keep all the Feminist and Negro “studies” majors who infest my school.

      Let this tax-n-spend stripmall crumble. Those of us with ABILITY should leave and let those with “NEED” kill each other.

  23. Cliff says:

    The sooner we get Omalley out of office the better!!!!!!!

  24. bat says:

    owemalley needs to go…hes for welfare iillegal immigrants and the middle class wallet…he wont stop until he bleeds the md taxpayer dry

  25. The grump says:

    What we need is a registered Democrat tax.

    They want to pay more – so let them pay more. Oh, and if they try to change their political party to get out of taxes, change the voting machines in Maryland so Republicans cannot vote for a Democrat, and vice versa. (Like any democrat would ever be caught voting Republican). That sin can get a Democrat thrown out of the Sierra Club, not to mention both the Obama and Gore fan clubs.

  26. Rich says:

    Ahhh ……..the taxacrats helping the poor and middle class again. What a state.

  27. the mechanic says:

    Mr wig head OMalley just needs to stop the giveaway programs that punish the people who pay by giving to the unproductive. Further reduce the size of government. I can walk in any gov’t office in the state especially Social Security in Woodlawn & fins 10 blacks playing games on the computer while maybe two are working.

  28. the mechanic says:

    My above comments were not meant to be racist it’s just that any government office is mostly made up of 70% blacks cause it’s cheaper to pay them a salary & benefits rather that welfare, section8 housing, & all the other perks of unemployment.

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