ELKTON, Md. (WJZ)– A 5-year-old Cecil County girl is hit by a pickup truck in the parking lot outside her house.

Meghan McCorkell spoke with her heartbroken family in Elkton.

The driver of that truck told police he just didn’t see the girl. But her family still has questions about what happened.

Instead of preparing Easter baskets, the parents of Samiya Jones put together a memorial for their 5-year-old daughter.

“She was my only child and I’ll never get her back. I’ll never get her back. That’s it,” Samuel Jones, Samiya Jones’ father, said.

Samiya Jones was in this parking lot in front of her home when witnesses say a driver in a Ford F-250 truck pulled out of a spot.

He didn’t see the girl and backed right over her.

“He backed into my daughter without any regard and he’s going home to his family,” Samuel Jones said.

A family member rushed the child to the hospital but she didn’t survive her injuries.

“He was backing up and heard screams, unfortunately. And once he heard screams he stopped the vehicle,” Lt. Michael Holmes of the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office said.

You can see the police markings still out on the street. State police are now helping in the investigation.

Investigators have ruled out drugs or alcohol as factors in the accident.

“There’s no signs of alcohol last night. Our driver was placed in a series of field sobriety tests that were negative,” Holmes said.

The victim’s father says he still wants the driver to face charges.

“I’m going to fight. I’m going to fight until I get it resolved. There’s nothing else you can do as a parent,” Samuel Jones said.

It’s a fight that he says won’t end until he gets justice for his daughter.

When the investigation is complete, the sheriff’s office will consult with the state’s attorney’s office to see if charges will be filed against that driver.

Police say the driver of that truck was a 21-year-old man from North East.

Comments (41)
  1. colliemom says:

    Lacking details; from story as given, appears child was in a parking lot and could not be seen from inside pick up truck as it backed up. May truly just be a tragic accident. Unclear why child would be in a parking lot without a parent’s hand. Understandably parents are emotional; but without more info, the driver may have done nothing wrong. He looked, saw nothing and backed out; could happen to anyone.

    1. Ashley says:

      Completely agree. I was thinking the same thing, ” why is a 5 year old in a parking lot without being watched by her parents?”.. Its a tragic accident. I have a 5 yr old daughter myself. But as mentioned, there is just not enough details that are given, to put the driver at blame. A 5yr old girl is well likey to not be seen from inside a large truck as such.

      1. Me says:

        He has to keep his composure for his wife, the childs mother, my cousin. Trust me he is broken inside.

    2. Rudy says:

      The exact point i was making which was that the driver was in his designated area which was in the parking lot and not the sidewalk. Pedestrians, particulary little children should be on the sidewalk or holding an adult’s hand in the parking lot. My sympathy and condolences go out to the little girl’s family but I hope they are realistic and can see their error as parents. I have 3 kids and they are grown now but when they were 5 my eyes and hands were always on my kids near streets and parking lots.

    3. Me says:

      It was my cousins daughter and it wasnt the way the news is reporting it. She was on the sidewalk, he hit her, she screamed, then he backed over her head.

      1. Koatz says:

        Let’s examine what you wrote:
        #1 She was on the sidewalk, he hit her:
        Did he hit her going forward, or was his truck backed-in to the parking space? If he hit her going forward, how did he back over her head when – in fact – she was at the front of the car?

        As described, the only way this tragedy could have taken place is, the sidewalk was in the middle of the street.

        I think we all can agree that sidewalks are not built in the middle of the street, and the incident as you described it, could not have occurred.

      2. Lydia says:

        It’s always so sad that the loos of a child becomes secondary when the parent’s need is to scream lawsuit. Please realize that people aren’t as gullible as you wish them to be when you make your statements to fire up an issue. I pray for all involved, including the person who hit the child, and must now deal with this for the rest of his life.

    4. Suzie Q says:

      Where were the parents?! How can you not be watching your child as they play outside.. Even if they are playing in a parking lot which a child should not be why isn’t she being supervised?! How can you not blame the parents in this scenario.. Everyone gets in their cars we check all our mirrors and if their is no obstacles we back our of our parking spots. He obviously did not see her! And if their were children playing out in the parking lot with this child why did none of them scream at the child to move? I have seen children playing ball and the ball will start its path towards another child’s face and any child within talking age screams “watch out.” So your telling me other people were outside while this accident occurred and nobody warned the driver or the child? And about the driver… he is 21 years old and his toxscreens all came back negative meaning he wasn’t under the influence of any drug… Can you imagine how he feels? Being 21 and having to live with this the rest of his life.. Accidents happen. Its as simple as that… And the family wants justice? I understand that but is the only reason they want justice because the man is a descendent of money? Why can’t they just mourn their child…I don’t see how a lawsuit for money for the “pain” of losing your child is going to help the situation? It’s like they would be benefiting from their daughters demise. I believe this young man is forever going to be haunted with this.. And on another note I’ve heared from many sources that these parents have another child in custody of the state due to neglect & abuse? Obviously this is a pattern for the parents. Maybe they shouldn’t have children… Nobody in their right mind lets their children play alone without supervision.. In a parking lot at that! And to the people saying they are friends of the victims parents… Shame on you for not seeing both sides of this and thinking it is okay for your children to play alone without an adult around… Let this little girl rest in peace and this young man be left alone.. He is dealing with enough pain because of this as it is.. No need for blame on a complete accidental matter.

  2. Joe says:

    Sounds like it was truly an accident. Seems like the father is trying to get the attention off himself as to why his 5 year old was left in the parking lot on a bike with no parental guidance. He didn’t even look upset, if it was my child I would have been so shook up I would be crying or something. He looked like nothing even happened. So sad

  3. Me says:

    It was a horrible accident. Where was the parental supervision? The parents need to look at themselves rather than the driver.

  4. Larry26 says:

    Where were the parents? Alcohol was not a factor according to the police. Such a tragic situation. What was the child doing in the parking lot with no adult supervision.

    1. Me says:

      The man who hit her was nodding off pain pills are doctoor heroin or whatever slanguage it may be

  5. Anon21921 says:

    The parents were doing something they shouldn’t have been doing and not paying attention to their child. These parents have another child who was removed from their care and placed into foster care (and is still there) because of severe mental and physical abuse, and neglect of that child, specifically on the end of Mr. Jones who would threaten to kill that child repeatedly. These parents are not angels by any means.

    1. reaper says:

      This is far from true and you should be the spot of discussion maybe disclose your information so it can be turned into infotainment

      1. Anon21921 says:

        reaper, you can think what ever you want. I know what I said is the truth. I’m sorry you weren’t aware of it.

  6. Jessica says:

    The child should of never been in the parking lot, this is why there are side walks, and even then it can be dangerous. When my children are outside I watch them, I live on a street with driveways, you just never know what can happen. Its sad this child had do die due to negligence of her own parents, and now they want to blame someone else. Lets hope this doesn’t turn into a race issue….

  7. Lilly says:

    Sorry to hear about the death of the 5 year old but I can’t believe that this family is willing to ruin this man & his family’s life because they were negilgent. They should be arrested!

    1. Koatz says:

      Isn’t loosing their child because of their own stupidity, punishment enough?

      1. reaper says:

        He hit her forward, then she screamed, then he backed up over her head to figure out what he hit. I just wonder about the common decency of people but for all the lambs there are wolves

  8. shantae says:

    i pray for the family because a parent is not supposed to bury there kids its the other way around now as far as the man being charged i hope that the judisical system uses all resources and go over the whole incident with a fine tooth comb and no rock is left unturned everyones emotions are high as should be but god will make sure that justice is served but parents we have to keep our children at eyes view and arms lenght cuz anything is bond to happen i pray for the family and friends of samiyah and i dont think that we should be bashing the family at this time there hearts are heavy and they need time to greive

  9. pix says:

    wow, all of you want to jump and blame the parents. She was 5 people, get a grip. I hope to god that none of you ever have to go through this. Samiya was my daughters best friend, and my neighbor.

    1. Jessica says:

      My children are 10 and 4, and I watch both of them when they are outside. Her age is more of an excuse to be watching her.

      1. Ashley says:

        How can you say “she was 5”. Like that’s an excuse for not being watched. Yea, she was 5, therefore, SOMEONE should have seen this man getting into the truck BEFORE he started backing up. If SOMEONE was watching the FIVE year old, they would have been able to tell Samiya or GRAB Samiya or YELL at the driver of the truck to prevent her being driven over. Its a horrible accident. Perhaps you should get a grip, because any of us PARENTS with children, regardless of age, probably WONT face an accident like this because we supervise our children at play. Just saying… coming from a mother of a FIVE year old.

    2. RICK says:

      it still doesn’t negate the fact that this child was left unattended. Friend or not…….

    3. Me says:

      Godspeed and thanks. She will be missed by many…

  10. Court says:

    My first question is WHY? is your child outside playing in the road without an adult. Seriously what is this world coming to letting your children play by themselves. Seriously the poor child could have gotten kidnapped or something. This tragic accident could have been prevented. The father probably wants to sue he did not even look upset. Its really sickening. Its horrible what has happened to that poor innocent child but also could you imagine how the 21 year old man feels.

  11. Mom of 2 says:

    What a sad situation. For everyone involved. I would me no more good if I hit a child and can’t imagine having to bury one of my children. But I have to say it just seems the parents are looking for attention and money. Shame on them. Trying to benefit from the loss of their child. If you should have any more children I hope you take better care and take responsibility for YOUR actions (or lack of)!

    RIP little one

  12. mom of twins says:

    I have 6yr old boys and i live in the same neighborhood. I see alot of yong kids running around in the streets every day and i dont see any parents. The way these people drive in here i dont even trust my kids in the yard. I really feel bad for the child and the driver. I watch every step my kids take. When i was their age i wasnt even allowed in the road and i lived in a quiet neighborhood when i was growing up. The parents should of been watching her. I even walk my kids to the bus stop in the morning. I just think the parents should be more carefull next time and stop what they are doing and start watching their kids.

  13. Debbie says:

    It’s always eaiser to blame others. God bless this little angel and her family. This seems to have been a very unfortunate accident. I feel just as bad for the young man that hit this little girl. I don’t let my 12 year old, 10 year old and 6 year old grandchildren play in the street in front of my house without being with them. I can’t for the life of me understand why this little girl was playing in a parking lot by herself. If someone were there watching, this may not have happened.

  14. GM says:

    I will not blame anyone for this as they have to live with blame whether its merited or not. The driver and loved ones of thie child are in a relly sad situation and I pray the Good God has mercy on them. The only thing I have to say is that there are too many parents of young children who dont hold their hands in parking lots and thats a thing I never neglected to do with my kids. I never let them run wild in a store either.

    1. colliemom says:

      Agree 100%; I even stop to kindly comment to parents letting young children run around in parking lots that drivers can’t see them, so they need to hold their hands at all times. I often see people at the malls or WalMart, letting young children run several feet in front of or behind them with no care for the cars coming and going. They may not like it; but maybe next time they’ll hold their hands rather than have a strange have to comment on unsafe behavior.

  15. courtney says:

    i also agree with everyone as a parent your child should be watched at all times not left unatented,i was there at the seen of the accident it was very heart breaking to see i wish there was more i could of done.My prayers go out to her family stay strong.

  16. Tricia says:

    This is very sad to hear and it’s tragic on everyone I think. That guy who did it will never forget he killed a child on ACCIDENT! But where were the parents?!?! You can’t blame the driver completely! He stopped when he heard the screams so what more could he do? In big vehicles you have blind spots that you can’t see samll children or animals. And again, where were the parents?

  17. Sharon says:

    The parents are responsible for watching their children at all times. Where were they? Don’t blame someone because you are being irresponsible and unattentive to your child. That’s the first problem.

  18. RICK says:

    I agree….very sad situation. I think the driver should beat the sorry-ass “father” to the punch and sue HIM for mental anguish !!!! I SMELL A LAWSUIT…….

  19. justine says:

    NO i know the victim and it is way more to the the story than what they are giving you guys. It was parking lot full of kids that day. Instead of him backing out the parking legally and properly he hit the little girl. My nieces and nephews saw the whole thing and he didn’t run over her once but twice before he stopped. My nieces cant stop saying we heard her cry and then she stop. they can’t stop saying they saw so much blood. A lot of them kids saw it and that little girl shouldn’t have died.

    1. Anon21921 says:

      Ok, why was the parking lot “full of kids”? Why are parents allowing their children to play in a parking lot? There is a playground right there, there was no reason for that. And your description of how he hit her isn’t very detailed, I’m a lil confused, how did he back out illegally?

  20. justine says:

    Perhaps you should get a grip, because any of us PARENTS with children, regardless of age, probably WONT face an accident like this because we supervise our children at play. Just saying… coming from a mother of a FIVE year old.: Ashley how dare you say that…you are inconsiderate and you should be ashamed.If this was your case you would feel way different. You don’t know everything. You didn’t know the boy’s father took it lightly!!! you don’t know that when the man got out the car the first thing he said was omg i am going to get fired!!! you don’t know that when the parents talk to the man he said my insurance doesn’t cover it so i cant help you pay for the funeral. So go and hug your child because they can’t. they never will again. Them parents regardless of their past shouldn’t be judged like that. They are hurting more than you can imagine.

  21. Me says:

    Those who say children shouldnt play in a parking lot are exactley right, unfortunatly they do and in small neighborhoods I am knowledgable the situation may arise where I will need to stop fast if a kid comes out so I figure 10-20 mph in them and if I back out while I am sober I would notice a dog let alone a child as I drove. I am sure the news has twisted this story to make it infotaianment for the many lambs who will follow. I see kids out front my house in the essex area and it is the same there parents are inside and these kids are out riding bigwheels in the road so yes it is the neighborhood who raise the child and I once heard it takes a village to raise a child right!

    1. Me says:

      Sorry I wrote it fast and my spelling is not very accurate. I believe the oint is understood no matter how it is spelled

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