Dry and cooler weather is going to prevail around here over the next couple of days. While temperatures in parts of the area may have a hard time reaching the lower 60s during each of the next two days, this won’t be because we’re going to be lacking a fair amount of sunshine.

There is a high pressure system early Thursday morning that is centered over east-central Canada, and it will be poking southward over the next 48 hours.

There has been some more rough weather overnight in the South, this time in Louisiana (Tuesday afternoon, Dallas got hit with the multiple tornadoes). And the general thinking here is that the corridor of rich moisture, as well as all of the showers and thunderstorms in the east Thursday, Thursday night and Friday will be occurring in Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas. This should also disrupt the Masters Golf Tournament — and they already have to clean up damage left behind by some of Wednesday’s thunderstorms.

But things are looking good around here the next couple of days, and the weather should be pleasant for the Birds’ opener Friday afternoon. The Easter holiday weekend will be even milder, and then we’ll probably have to deal with some showers early next week.

Have a good day!!!


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