Steve Davis: Tiger At Masters

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I’m not a big believer in one tournament is particularly critical for a golfer, but this week’s Masters is huge for Tiger.  He finally got a win in his last tournament, but it wasn’t against a great field.  To me, this will be interesting to see how he plays against the best in the world.  He seems to have lost the ability to intimidate players.  If he wins the Masters, that will be a major step towards proving to everyone that he’s back.

I don’t think he will ever get back to the level when he was so dominant. Part of it is mental, but even more so is physical.  He’s 36. He’s had 4 left knee operations.  I just don’t think his body will hold up over the next 10 years like it held up his 10 years.  My prediction is that he will another 2 or 3 majors, but he won’t get the 5 to break Jack’s record of 18.

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