BALTIMORE (AP) — A woman who has claimed to have Maryland’s winning Mega Millions ticket now says she has misplaced it.

Mirlande Wilson of Baltimore told WRC-TV in Washington on Thursday that the ticket is misplaced.

When asked by WRC if she would claim the jackpot, Wilson replied, “If I find it. I misplaced it.”

Wilson had previously said she hid the ticket at the McDonald’s where she works.

One of three winning tickets for the record-breaking $656 million prize was sold at a 7-Eleven in Milford Mill. The others were sold in Kansas and Illinois. Kansas officials said Friday that the holder of the winning ticket had come forward and were planning a news conference.

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Comments (103)
  1. Aquaholic says:

    HIL ARI OUS!!!!!

    1. KATHY says:


  2. digitaltintype says:

    Suuuure you lost it. She’ll be a great shade of crimson when the real winner comes forward, if she still has the gall to face a camera then.

    1. Dave says:

      How stupid we can be to get publicity. It’s a good thing she works at McDonalds, because she is definitely out to lunch!

  3. Tina says:

    Like Ron White said, “You can’t fix stupid!”

  4. KD says:

    Until it’s certain I’m going off the pretense of the origianl story being her work pool won it and she claims otherwise. Her now saying she lost it would make sense. Instead of a legal fight with her co-workers she is concocting the lost ticket story…meanwhile she gives the ticket to someone she knows to claim the winnings, therefore avoiding sharing. Who knows. But I wouldnt put it past her.

  5. Susan says:

    Why would you tell anyone that you did something this stupid? LOL

    1. Kg says:

      If you think back, she said she bought the ticket outside of the company pool; she will never cash this ticket,someone else will once the lawyers get done, the winner can remain unknown to the public

      1. frank says:

        then why come forward in the first place? I would just get someone else to cash it and never say a word.

  6. MK says:

    She got the attention that she wanted. It remains to be seen just how far she will go with this story. Someone did buy the winning ticket; it seems doubtful that she is that someone.

  7. GW says:

    that cow is playing games, I bet her co-workers aren’t falling for that cramp. she’s as stupid and dishonest as she looks. I wouldn’t have trusted her to play with my puppy yet alone trust her to play my lottery tickets. it’s really ashame that her co-workers weren’t a better judge of character, if she ever does produce the ticket her co-workers need to hire a top notch Attorney to investigate EVERY ORVIS OF HER BODY AND HER GRANDMA TOO, cause by now she’s trying to fiqure just who she can trust to give the ticket to so they can cash it in for her so she won’t have to share with her co-workers.

    1. Confused says:

      What’s an “orvis”?

      1. skyryder says:

        A catalog company in Vermont that is known for their fly fishing rods. LOL

      2. Castaway50 says:

        I can assume that “orvis” should have been orifice, so in that case, I wouldn’t touch her with a 20 foot stick. BACK, BACK YOU ANIMAL, BACK I SAY!!!!!! 🙂

      3. Smarty Pants says:

        It’s probably just a misspelling of the word orifice.

    2. Smarty Pants says:

      Her co-workers may just be on par with her, as far as character is concerned. LOL

  8. Profg says:

    I smell a scam attempt that won’t work. She’s gotten her 15 minutes of fame; now it’s time for her to bow out. She needs to have proof that the winning ticket is hers; without that, she should get nothing.

  9. Me says:

    Did it occur to anyone she never bought any tickets, but took the money that was given to her and spent it….now she makes u pa dumb story to cover herself but the story just keeps getting out of control. No lick of sense is what my grandma used to say.

  10. Farookh says:

    If she does not have the ticket, how does she know she had those numbers? Someone who buys $80 tickets remembers all the numbers, well some can but does she look like someone who can? So all the attention she’s getting is all she wants, attention.

  11. sam says:

    she did not “misplace” it. I have it and will sell it back to her for the prize amount minus $1.00.

  12. Nightingale says:

    Stooooooooooooopid media, I swear they’ll fall for anything………..HA HA HA

  13. K says:

    Bets are she gave it to a family member, and that she’ll make sure she gets at least some of that money!

  14. C Myers says:

    No tickee, no shirtee.

  15. Me says:

    I lost my ticket too!

    1. gamamoore says:

      Oh darn, the government will just take half

  16. RittaLynn says:

    If the store, where she supposedly purchased the ticket, has surveillance cameras, they can match the date and time stamp of the purchased winning ticket with her presence in the store. Simple…right???

    1. sesame street says:

      well said !

    2. eleanor says:

      your right, the store well know, But this has happen many times if you go in a pool you want copy’s for everyone if the other people didn’t ask for a copy shame on them also, they should by the tickets in time for everyone to see the tickets

  17. Bob says:

    I am sure she would still need her job if she doesnt have the ticket.,she is trying to pull a major scam

  18. April says:

    If you ask me the people who went in with her were careless in trusting her and get what they got.

  19. rb says:

    she better hope her dealer lets her run a tab…….

  20. Rico Barnes says:

    Is this really a woman…damn she’s a ugly as a hat full of a%^holes

  21. Gail says:

    She is a liar and a cheat. That KARMA bus will be running her a$$ over!

    1. A LEON says:


  22. Charles Fowler says:

    She should be paid

    1. gamamoore says:

      she does not deserve it when she is trying to cheat her co-workers out of
      there share, there is more then enough to split 6 ways. if she does get it all
      she will be one of those lottery storys that makes them poorer then what they
      were before they won it because shes greeeedy…….A FOOL AND HER MONEY ARE SOON PARTED!!!!!!!

    2. kathy says:

      what for if she lost it im glad greedy woman

  23. Gee says:

    She is why I’m proud to be a Marylander.

  24. c says:

    people will do anything for 15 min. in the spotlight.

  25. Irene says:

    Who are any of you to open your mouth an say she trade it for a FIX.Not ALL black people need a FIX…..If she did or didnt have the ticket .she knows that…..=/

  26. Steve says:

    I don’t know nuthin bout birthin no lotto ticket….

  27. Mary Ann says:

    The woman in question ought have her mouth washed out with soap for telling such a big old lie, go to jail, and her and her kids ought to be put out of this country. If you wanted to be seen on TV or seeking fame, then just go on the Jerry Springer Show. While you are there try to find out whose and where those 7 babies daddies are at and get money from them instead of us hard working taxpapers. Don’t further disgrace our society with those lies…..

  28. Sophie says:

    Goodness gracious — everybody hates her!!! Why hasn’t someone else come forward with the winning ticket? Curious.

  29. Ed says:

    She should stay at McDonalds. Sounds like she’s a few french fries short of a Happy Meal.

    1. martha todd stephens says:

      Hi Ed, I almost fell out of my chair laughing at your post. I can’t top that comment.

    2. gamamoore says:

      You done said it Ed…this just takes greed to a whole new level dont it…..

  30. keith says:

    it is sad people have to be like that.its all about a bad seed some people just dont get it ya know

  31. anastasia monroe says:

    such a liar!!!! go away!!!

  32. kathy says:

    I normally do not lay into racism, but i have to make an exception in this woman’s case. Her story and demeanor speaks clearly her lack of education, however make no mistake she is sreet smart trash! She is why there will always be the stupid,druggie black trash sterotype. Sorry, call it like I see it

    1. robertryan says:

      Kathy, My my such a potty mouth you have . You racist Ha ha.

    2. let us be honest now says:

      Kathy, racism notwithstanding, I appreciate your use of “call it like I see it” rather than “telling it like it is”… it is a much more humble approach that doesn’t make you sound pompous.

      On the other hand, I don’t think her ignorance or her insanity have anything to do with the color of her skin. More likely, it has to do with the low/no income urban culture which, by the way crosses racial barriers. In Dundalk, Glen Bernie, Essex, Highlandtown… you see exactly the same caliber of human being in a different body. I do agree that she (and those like her) do NOTHING to stamp out racism when they play to the stereotype.

      Were I a woman of color with self-respect and a determination to make a good life for my children, I would be livid with people like her for making it harder for MY kids to be taken seriously.

      1. dave says:

        Unfortunately my dear, our, My life is way to short to make a differnence in the thugs that you just described. Go live in the above mentioned areas for a few years & come tell me we all need patience & understanding. The politicans who force feed us this garbage are insulated from it & I for one, no longer care.

    3. dave says:

      Right on Kathy. She’s a filty scaming Nigg*r.

    4. Smarty Pants says:

      We practice freedom of speech here, so you don’t have to lie about whether or not you are a racist.

  33. dr4square says:

    Likee Forrest GUMP states; STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES11111111111111

  34. getreal says:

    Would somebody please medicate this woman, and stop giving her the time of day.

  35. A LEON says:


    1. A LEON says:


  36. Roger_H says:

    Some “FREE” Publicity for the McDonald’s she works at. Must be trying to h=get herself a promotion from french fry cook to grill!!!!

  37. Roger_H says:

    Some “FREE” Publicity for the McDonald’s she works at. Must be trying to get herself a promotion from french fry cook to grill!!!!

  38. Angelo says:


  39. Pamela Williams says:

    This is one crazy acting woman. What’s her problem???She is scamming everyone….including the media. Did she really win?

    1. Mrs. Paul McCartney says:

      The media is easy to scam!! Just look at the Trayvon case: George Zimmerman is clearly Hispanic and yet the media is claiming he’s White just to stoke racial hatred and sell more newspapers!!

      This woman is soooooooooooooooooooooooo full of sh!t!!!

  40. Mrs. Paul McCartney says:

    Nimrod is sooooooooooooooo FOS (full of sh!t)!!! She claims she doesn’t want to be hounded and yet she seeks publicity and then she claims she bought a separate ticket than her co-workers (FOS)!! Now she misplaces it after claiming she hid it at work!! Who’d hide anything at work much less a winning fortune?? Yep: forget the safety deposit box I’ll just hide it under the french fries fryer!! BRAIN DEAD NIMROD!!!!

  41. Johnny D says:

    Once the ticket is found 95% of her winnings will be spent on crack cocaine, perms, and McChickens.

    1. irene says:

      You kn ow nothing about BLACK HISTORY=/

  42. Mac-G says:

    All posts are agreed upon. However, this woman is no different than the Wall Street Investing Crooks, Enron Crooks, Fannie Mae Crooks, Freddie Mac Crooks, Bonus Collecting CEO Crooks who received bonuses from Tax payers. Additionally, the anonymous individuals should be identified, so other lottery players can verify that they actually purchased the tickets to prove there is no Hanky Panky going on.

    1. robertryan says:

      Mac-G, Two wrongs don’t make one right.

    2. let us be honest now says:

      It’s true, 100%… the only difference between the Wall Street criminals and the North Avenue breed is education and method…otherwise, they are all of the same mind…. stick it to someone less able to defend themselves (or trusting enough not to see it coming) to make their wallets fatter… for whatever drug they choose (yachts, bling, houses, crack, heroine, prestige…power).

      1. dave says:

        Uhh, excuse me but I haven’t seen any Wall street gang bangers, rapists who physically harm the citizens like the grass skirt crowd on North ave & Balto in general. Get real .

      2. dave says:

        How about you sucking me off sweetie?…..I might actually hit a few brain cells & give you some sense.

    3. Smarty Pants says:

      “this woman is no different than the Wall Street Investing Crooks, Enron Crooks, Fannie Mae Crooks, Freddie Mac Crooks, Bonus Collecting CEO Crooks who received bonuses from Tax payers.”

      Indeed, a crook is a crook…

  43. robertryan says:

    This filty section 8 coon needs to pick up her shoeshine box & get back to work on the streets.

    1. let us be honest now says:

      You’re stupid and you can’t spell…people like you should be tossed in the trash so we don’t have to listen to that bile you call a “thought process”. Goodness gracious, what kind of hateful mother raised you?

      1. dave says:

        Go away schmucko!

      2. dave says:

        Let us?? It’s more like Me , myself & I . This black trash is scaming all of us, has been for years . She pro-typical of all the mudbones from Hati the aids, scam capital of the world.

  44. C says:

    SHe’s lying about ever having a ticket. Every lottery ticket has a time stamp on the bottom and the lottery commission can check where/when the ticket was bought. The store it was purchased in has video of the time the ticket was bought and she’s not even in the store. I’m in MD and this was on local news but not being said in National news.

  45. dave says:

    Just another dirty low life ill educated Ni***R looking to get rich quick or die trying. She can thank her momma & grandma for handing down this legacy as all these low life blacks do.

  46. OH MY says:


  47. robertryan says:

    Leave this squalid living Nig alone. She will die a premature death of violence or drugs eventually & we the taxpayers will get the bill for her funeral.

  48. Smarty Pants says:

    It was reported that there was ONE quick pick ticket bought, after 7 pm at that 711. That seems to point to ONE person buying a ticket, not a pool situation. If this woman is the person who bought the ticket, her first mistake was announcing it.

  49. chetta-ketta says:

    She is a Nuckin Figger & all the money in the world won’t change that. Ignorance, stupidity, thievery & arrogance are signature trademarks of blacks from anywhere in the world.

    1. irene says:

      That’s really mean to say…Is that necessary that shows how much class you have.You have to say sucking shiz to make your self look better…You cruel ,evil ,worthless person…….

      1. peter o neil says:

        Goodnight Irene, have a wet dream & get bung holed.

      2. irene says:

        A least i can get someone in the bed to .Bung fuc2 me—–Get a life .Get over it white peeps aren’t the only ones who exactly have money are win the lottery…

  50. chetta-ketta says:

    All the money in the world won’t change the fact she is still a Nuckin Figger.

  51. ROSIE says:


  52. Theresa says:

    Yes, I llost mine too. In fact I misplace it every week when I win.

    1. irene says:

      Ya right …..I dont think you misplace and winning that may be your way out…=/

  53. TruthPrevails says:

    Plain and simple folk’s. The location that sold the winning ticket will surely have security video of the person who bought the ticket, right down to the second it was sold. At any rate: It’s either a scam or she is simply full of sh!t. Either way she’s obviously got issues.

  54. peter o neil says:

    She should charge a toll when banging the boys. Her “P” hole is the size of the harbor tunnel.

  55. Miss AKA says:

    Its not enough money in the world that could change her… She will aways be a GHETTO A$$ HOOD RAT from Westport/ Cherryhill area lol …. Gosh you know she will spend all her money on the REAL GUCCI bags, AIR JORDANS for her kids, and a couple of dime bags of weed…..

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