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Ticket Misplaced, Alleged Lottery Winner Says

BALTIMORE (AP) — A woman who has claimed to have Maryland’s winning Mega Millions ticket now says she has misplaced it.

Mirlande Wilson of Baltimore told WRC-TV in Washington on Thursday that the ticket is misplaced.

When asked by WRC if she would claim the jackpot, Wilson replied, “If I find it. I misplaced it.”

Wilson had previously said she hid the ticket at the McDonald’s where she works.

One of three winning tickets for the record-breaking $656 million prize was sold at a 7-Eleven in Milford Mill. The others were sold in Kansas and Illinois. Kansas officials said Friday that the holder of the winning ticket had come forward and were planning a news conference.

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  • Aquaholic

    HIL ARI OUS!!!!!

    • KATHY


  • digitaltintype

    Suuuure you lost it. She’ll be a great shade of crimson when the real winner comes forward, if she still has the gall to face a camera then.

    • Dave

      How stupid we can be to get publicity. It’s a good thing she works at McDonalds, because she is definitely out to lunch!

  • Tina

    Like Ron White said, “You can’t fix stupid!”

  • KD

    Until it’s certain I’m going off the pretense of the origianl story being her work pool won it and she claims otherwise. Her now saying she lost it would make sense. Instead of a legal fight with her co-workers she is concocting the lost ticket story…meanwhile she gives the ticket to someone she knows to claim the winnings, therefore avoiding sharing. Who knows. But I wouldnt put it past her.

  • Susan

    Why would you tell anyone that you did something this stupid? LOL

    • Kg

      If you think back, she said she bought the ticket outside of the company pool; she will never cash this ticket,someone else will once the lawyers get done, the winner can remain unknown to the public

      • frank

        then why come forward in the first place? I would just get someone else to cash it and never say a word.

  • MK

    She got the attention that she wanted. It remains to be seen just how far she will go with this story. Someone did buy the winning ticket; it seems doubtful that she is that someone.

  • GW

    that cow is playing games, I bet her co-workers aren’t falling for that cramp. she’s as stupid and dishonest as she looks. I wouldn’t have trusted her to play with my puppy yet alone trust her to play my lottery tickets. it’s really ashame that her co-workers weren’t a better judge of character, if she ever does produce the ticket her co-workers need to hire a top notch Attorney to investigate EVERY ORVIS OF HER BODY AND HER GRANDMA TOO, cause by now she’s trying to fiqure just who she can trust to give the ticket to so they can cash it in for her so she won’t have to share with her co-workers.

    • Confused

      What’s an “orvis”?

      • skyryder

        A catalog company in Vermont that is known for their fly fishing rods. LOL

      • Smarty Pants

        It’s probably just a misspelling of the word orifice.

      • Castaway50

        I can assume that “orvis” should have been orifice, so in that case, I wouldn’t touch her with a 20 foot stick. BACK, BACK YOU ANIMAL, BACK I SAY!!!!!! :)

    • Smarty Pants

      Her co-workers may just be on par with her, as far as character is concerned. LOL

  • Profg

    I smell a scam attempt that won’t work. She’s gotten her 15 minutes of fame; now it’s time for her to bow out. She needs to have proof that the winning ticket is hers; without that, she should get nothing.

  • Me

    Did it occur to anyone she never bought any tickets, but took the money that was given to her and spent it….now she makes u pa dumb story to cover herself but the story just keeps getting out of control. No lick of sense is what my grandma used to say.

  • Farookh

    If she does not have the ticket, how does she know she had those numbers? Someone who buys $80 tickets remembers all the numbers, well some can but does she look like someone who can? So all the attention she’s getting is all she wants, attention.

  • sam

    she did not “misplace” it. I have it and will sell it back to her for the prize amount minus $1.00.

  • Nightingale

    Stooooooooooooopid media, I swear they’ll fall for anything………..HA HA HA

  • K

    Bets are she gave it to a family member, and that she’ll make sure she gets at least some of that money!

  • C Myers

    No tickee, no shirtee.

  • Me

    I lost my ticket too!

    • gamamoore

      Oh darn, the government will just take half

  • RittaLynn

    If the store, where she supposedly purchased the ticket, has surveillance cameras, they can match the date and time stamp of the purchased winning ticket with her presence in the store. Simple…right???

    • eleanor

      your right, the store well know, But this has happen many times if you go in a pool you want copy’s for everyone if the other people didn’t ask for a copy shame on them also, they should by the tickets in time for everyone to see the tickets

    • sesame street

      well said !

  • Bob

    I am sure she would still need her job if she doesnt have the ticket.,she is trying to pull a major scam

  • April

    If you ask me the people who went in with her were careless in trusting her and get what they got.

  • rb

    she better hope her dealer lets her run a tab…….

  • Rico Barnes

    Is this really a woman…damn she’s a ugly as a hat full of a%^holes

  • Gail

    She is a liar and a cheat. That KARMA bus will be running her a$$ over!

    • A LEON


  • Charles Fowler

    She should be paid

    • gamamoore

      she does not deserve it when she is trying to cheat her co-workers out of
      there share, there is more then enough to split 6 ways. if she does get it all
      she will be one of those lottery storys that makes them poorer then what they
      were before they won it because shes greeeedy…….A FOOL AND HER MONEY ARE SOON PARTED!!!!!!!

    • kathy

      what for if she lost it im glad greedy woman

  • Gee

    She is why I’m proud to be a Marylander.

  • c

    people will do anything for 15 min. in the spotlight.

  • Irene

    Who are any of you to open your mouth an say she trade it for a FIX.Not ALL black people need a FIX…..If she did or didnt have the ticket .she knows that…..=/

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