It’s amazing the drama Augusta National delivers seemingly every year, Tiger or not. Yes, I picked Tiger and Yes I picked him loudly. Yes, I was wrong but what was really wrong was the swing of a guy who had seemingly figured it out. The point about Tiger and the subject of will he or won’t he can wait… What can’t is Bubba. He’s the one who owns a self made swing, mounds of energy and a reported half million dollar watch. He’s a new adopted father and has rights to the most movement of any ball striker on tour. If you don’t know the Bubba Watson story I’ll give it to you quickly. Never had a golf lesson, self taught, doesn’t set his feet, plays golf with feel and vision. He’s a shot makers shot maker and totes a hyper color pink driver.

His wife Angie is a former WNBA player and the two just adopted a baby boy a couple prior to the 2012 Masters. Bubba Watson has been an underdog from the word go. Bubba, a son of a Green Beret who recently passed away from cancer, didn’t grow up at a country club or with a life of luxury. The first Major in Bubba’s words was indescribable because “I never got that far in my dreams” said Watson wearing his green jacket. It’s an amazing story on paper but even more so had you been watching Sunday. The 18th green gave Bubbba two different chances to win, one in regulation, the other on the first playoff hole. Neither putt went down and off to playoff hole number two. Hole 10 saw both Bubba and Louis Oosthuizen shank drivers. One right and the other left. Thankfully for Mr. Watson he’s a lefty and maybe the greatest shot maker playing right now.

It made his snap hook through the woods, past the patrons and onto the 10th green easy for him and put us all in awe. A pair of putts and the 76th Masters tournament went to Bubba Watson after a two hole playoff. Put one in the books for the regular guy, a self taught guy, a God believing guy and a guy who’s not afraid to cry. Bubba Watson and the Masters, now a pair forever. Follow me on twitter @gunitradio.


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