What a train wreck Sunday. This is what I gave up my afternoon for, to see Kevin Gregg implode. This is the highest paid guy on your pitching staff, and here’s what his first 6 batters did…single, double, double, walk, walk, hit batter. Are you kidding me?

Gregg has now pitched in 3 games, and the Orioles have lost all of them. They’re 5-1 in games that Gregg doesn’t pitch in. I don’t think they’re going to dump him, not yet. They owe him $5 million, and it’s not like there’s pitchers in the minors that you need to get to the show. But this probably won’t last indefinitely, if, for no other reason, than MacPhail signed him, not Duquette, so it’s easier for Duquette to cut the cord. I wouldn’t get rid of Gregg yet; he’s a proven major league and he’s not this bad. That said, I wouldn’t keep going to him if he is going to lose you games.


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