Here we go again, Roger Clemens is going to sit through another prosecution after the last one ended with a mistrial. There’s something so unfair about this second bite at the apple. I know that perjury is serious and needs to be treated accordingly but if the government screws up because of a mistake so basic the judge said a law student would know better why should they get another crack at him?

Let me get this straight…an issue that shouldn’t even involve Congress ( steroids in baseball) spawns a series of prosecutions that the government ineptly pursues. They win a weak conviction against Barry Bonds and now are going after Clemens because they botched the case originally. So now instead of two prosecutors they’ll have five etc etc. I don’t want to beat this to death but is no one else upset that in a country with so many problems far more serious than Clemens the government is once again going to waste millions of tax dollars to ensure that he be imprisoned for lying about something they shouldn’t have been looking at in the first place?

The bottom line for me is this… They have no business trying him for this nonsense and they will win because they always do. Do you feel safer now?


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