Roger Clemens is going to be tried again for lying to Congress. A lot of people think this is a colossal waste of money, and it’s hard to argue.

The government had him on trial 9, 9 months ago, and made a mistake early on and the judge declared a mistrial. So what do they do, add 3 more prosecutors to the case. Now, they have 5 prosecutors working on a case where a guy lied to Congress. Seems like a misuse of resources.

However, it’s hard to feel sorry for Clemens. Not only did he appear to lie to Congress (and I think he did), he was the one that asked to go before Congress. If you’re the government, how do you let him get away with that? You really can’t, but at the same time, if the case costs a million dollars to prosecute…or more, was that a good use of limited resources?

Not really.


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