How important is it to have smart guys on your team? It is almost impossible to win with dumb guys! For example, an offensive lineman must be able to read the defense, initially, and adjust to movement before the snap – then after the snap – with stunts, twists and blitzes. On defense, the middle linebacker must read the formation and then make adjustments on movement and motion. He must alert and change instantly to the rest of the defense. You must have smart players at every position. Although you can possible get away with below average smarts at corner if you play a lot of man to man coverage or as a pass rusher if all you ask is sack the quarterback. You also must have smart players on special teams because things change on the run and you must be able to make decisions.

I’m talking about football smarts. You can struggle with school work and written tests, but still have a high football I.Q. That is being a smart football player.

Ultimately, smart wins!


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