There is a cold front moving through the state Tuesday.  It’s the same front that produced this weekend’s tornado outbreak over the Plains and Upper Midwest.  However, this front has completely fizzled and barely has a sprinkle or even clouds with it for us.

The winds have picked up and turned around to the northwest, bringing in cooler air.  No, I should restate that – pushing away the record challenging heat.  Because even though we have cooled down, we are still in the upper 70s Tuesday afternoon.  That’s above average by double digits at least.

Even cooler air will arrive Tuesday night with temperatures going down into the 40s.  A southern passing storm will trap that cooler air in place Wednesday. Since it’s a southern passing storm, southern Maryland will have the best chance for a little rain while the rest of us will see clouds and the chance for some showers.

That storm gets out of here for Thursday, leaving a mix of sunshine and clouds along with a mild afternoon.  Another storm moves our way this weekend.  This is our best chance for some rain in a while.  Hopefully we can get something out of this.

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