BALTIMORE (WJZ)— A Baltimore mother demands information about the car crash that killed her daughter. The family believes a police chase led to the deadly accident, but police insist it’s not true.

Weijia Jiang has more on the possible charges in this case.

Family members of Jordasha Rollins, 22, are demanding answers from police.

“They haven’t come and talked to me. They haven’t said nothing to me,” said Rollins’ mother, Yolanda Williams.

Williams believes a police chase triggered the car crash that killed her daughter, even though the Baltimore Police Department has a no chase policy.

“That’s why I got to bury my daughter in a couple days, because they’re not following their own rules,” Williams said.

Just before midnight Monday, investigators say a suspect identified as Charles Jeffries smashed into a car that hit the family’s car. Williams was behind the wheel and was also injured in the crash. Rollins was in the passenger seat and Rollins’ 11-month-old baby was in the back. Police say Jeffries blew through a red light near North Avenue and Poplar Grove, but insist they had no part in what happened.

“This was not a police chase. It happened very, very quickly. You can hear the officer indicate he was pulling over the car. Almost seconds later, he’s asking for a medic ambulance unit because the car collides,” said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore Police spokesperson.

A crash team is reconstructing the scene, reviewing surveillance camera footage and logging radio broadcasts so prosecutors know exactly what charges to file against Jeffries. For Rollins’ loved ones, justice can’t come soon enough.

“My baby girl is gone, my firstborn. I brought her in this world and I watched my daughter die,” Williams said.

WJZ reached out to the state’s attorney’s office for an update on charges against Jeffries. There has been no response yet, but he’ll likely be charged with eluding police and manslaughter.

Jeffries will also face drug charges. Police found crack cocaine on him.


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