The Baltimore Ravens held a news conference at the Castle where four players addressed the media. Those players were Lardarius Webb, Jah Reid, Michael Oher and Paul Kruger. All of the players were looking forward to the season. Jah Reid expects to be a starter on the team and he is moving from right tackle to left guard.

There are some changes to the team as veteran Jarrett Johnson who played nine seasons with the Ravens signed with San Diego. That opened the door for Paul Kruger who will be starting at outside linebacker for the 2012 campaign. Ladarius Webb made some headlines claiming that the Ravens have the “Best Defense” in the league. He is aspiring to be more involved as a punt returner. He made a comparison to Deion Sanders saying “that is what made Deion Sanders so great because he would return a kick, punt and interception for a touchdown”. If Webb would be able to return kicks as well as being an effective corner back, he would be a dual threat for the opposing team.

With this being Lardarius Webb and Jimmy Smith’s first offseason. Webb has a lot of confidence in Smith and says that he has the potential to be a Pro Bowl corner back next year. It is a week away from the draft and the Ravens has the 29th pick in the first round. The Ravens Jah Reid did comment on what it was last year as a rookie and is looking forward to some new players coming in. Michael Oher does not mind the constant switching from left tackle to the right side. He just wants to play football and wins games and is happy with that. So will Lardarius Webb get his chance to be a Deion Sanders and be a punt returner as a corner back in 2012? Only the team can decide that.



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