By Mary Bubala

CARNEY, Md. (WJZ) – Earth Day is this weekend and many people take part in tree plantings and other environmentally friendly events.

Mary Bubala reports that for one Baltimore County man, every day is a celebration now that he’s gone solar.

Tom Giannaccini’s home in Carney looks much like his neighbors, but what sets his apart is a state-of-the-art solar energy system on his roof.

“It’s a great feeling. You know I come out here and look at the meter daily,” Giannaccini said.

Giannaccini is a part of a growing number of Marylanders who are finding solar energy more affordable because of major tax credits and incentives from federal, state and local governments.

“For a middle class person, I think its affordable,  and the thing is now at this moment there are good tax incentives – especially in Baltimore County,” Giannaccini said.

Giannaccini’s system cost about $28,000, but he will end up only paying half. And his investment will pay off in just four and a half years in terms of energy savings.

Solar Energy World based in Maryland installed the panels on Giannaccini’s home. The company offers may options to consumers, including leasing solar panels with no money down.

“We have good incentive base, and the cost of solar has gone down and the efficiencies are as high as they have ever been, so again the numbers make sense now,” said Geoff Mirkin of Solar Energy World.

Giannaccini says his neighbors are inquiring about his solar panel system.

“Everybody is interested. I am actually having a solar party tomorrow,” he said.

Solar companies also often have financing options available to help people pay for the panels.

Click here for more information about Solar Energy World.


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