WASHINGTON (WJZ)—Two dogs chase and attack children and an adult. It was caught on tape in Washington, D.C.’s Trinidad neighborhood. Now neighbors say those dogs are still at large even though they know the owners.

Mary Bubala has the story.

Andre Hawthorne is recovering from his injuries after using his body as a human shield.

“I threw my left arm so the dog could grip this. Why he was gripping this one, I used my right hand to punch on him,” Hawthorne said.

There were “two big dogs. Heads were the size of our heads,” said a victim.

The two dogs attacked Hawthorne. One clamped down on each arm.

“They started shaking him like he was a rag,” a witness said.

A neighbor’s surveillance shows the dogs on the attack, charging after children. Two teens jumped on top of a car to get away, but one of the dogs followed right after an 11-year-old boy.

“I ain’t look behind me. I just kept running,” he said.

His mother saw the vicious chase happen.

“I literally thought I was about to lose my son, and I opened our building door and let him run in. The dog came running in behind him,” she said.

Hawthorne stepped in as a diversion.

“I seen true danger, and I just automatically reacted,” Hawthorne said.

Hawthorne had a knife and was able to injure the dogs, but they wouldn’t let go until a neighbor came after them with a bat.

“I’m glad that I still have my arm, and I’m glad I’m still alive,” he said.

Neighbors say they are scared of these dogs and concerned because a home daycare is located just across the street from where this all happened.

D.C. animal control says it is investigating the attack.


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