22 strike outs on the year second most in the American League. Reynolds- at the time of this posting – has 985 career strike outs which is an extremely high and alarming number when his only has been in Major League Baseball for eight seasons. It is just not his strike outs at the plate, he commits a lot of errors also as well . Last year he had 26 errors at third base where he turned the “hot corner” into a refrigerator

Orioles skipper Buck Showalter is not sure what to do with Reynolds, but you can see his patience may be running thin, by not putting him in the line-up against the Blue Jays. Reynolds might get a few days off depending on what Showalter wants to do with the line-up and against the Blue Jays. He did comment and say the Reynolds has been working on some things, it just has not translated on the field. The interesting part is Mark Reynolds is at a position he should not be at. Through his eight seasons in the Majors when he plays third base he has committed 108 errors but when he is at first base he has only committed 11 errors. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure what the problem is. He is struggling because he is a first baseman not a third baseman. Just look at those number, 108 compared to 11, numbers never lie. I would rather have Mark Reynolds playing first base.

CLICK HERE for Showalters response.


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