Tsuyoshi Wada signed a two year 8.15 million dollar contract and he might not even step on the mound this season for the O’s. Wada is getting checked out by Dr. Lewis Yocum who he did see him when he took his physical right before he joined the club few months ago. Wada has ligament damage in his left elbow. The cause of the injury is unknown but he threw so many innings in his outings in Japan that is seems like the O’s did not do their homework. It seems they did not figure out what they were getting when they signed him. When a pitcher goes a lot of innings it wears them down and especially on their throwing arm. The Oriole Skipper Buck Showalter did say “that he could rehab the injury and be back with the team”. Buck also said that there is always an option for surgery.

Either way Buck Showalter has a positive approach and does not seem to concern him. He has confidence with the direction that his doctor is taking Wada. The Skipper did not give any indication of a time line on when he will be back or when the decision will be made to go with the surgery. Maybe we will see Wada this season, or maybe not – all I know is this kind of injury does not just happen overnight. The ball club should have not signed him if they knew he was going to be a liability instead of an asset to the team. Buck Showalter remains positive about the situation and remains to keep all options open for Wada.

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