BEL AIR, Md. (WJZ) — What do you do with expired or unneeded prescription drugs? That’s the question millions of Americans answered Saturday by showing up at more than 5,000 sites across the country.

Mike Schuh visited the most successful location in the state.

So many cars rolled up in Bel Air, you’d think they were giving something away. Instead, tens of thousands of dollars in prescription medications were being handed over to the Feds.

“Just getting rid of all of these prescriptions. These are my grandmother’s and she went into a nursing home,” said one woman.

“The EPA has said that flushing drugs down the toilet will hurt the water supply,” said DEA Agent Carl Kotowski.

Michelle Shewbridge knew that. She turned in a full trash bag.

“It’s actually my dad’s. He died a few months ago and had a lot of medications so rather than leave them in his home, we brought them up from Virginia,” she said.

Bel Air is the number one spot in Maryland. Six months ago, they got 500 pounds. A half hour into Saturday’s, they’ve gotten more than half that. They don’t know why this spot is so popular, but these pills will be gone for good–permanently out of circulation, not picked up by curious kids or stolen by thieves.

The DEA says another turn-in will be organized in the fall.


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