I’ve always wanted to go to the NFL Draft and this year I finally did. It was an amazing experience for me & it was actually my first time in New York City.

I had a chance to meet a ton of Celebrities in the business. I met Dan Patrick, Dana Jacobsen and Bonnie Bernstein at a draft day party. After that party cleared out, Terrell Davis and Fred Taylor came in to take pictures and hang out. I felt like I talked to Fred Taylor for over an hour about football. Both players were terrific guys and were willing to take pictures and talk to fans the entire time.

Seeing all of the different fans at the draft was truly a unique experience. I saw a 400lb Buffalo Bills fan murdering a turkey wrap outside of the men’s room. The opportunity to see drunk Jets fans act like complete fools. We had 2 Steelers fans in our section that we had to put in their place. One of them was really offended when my buddy questioned the length of his mullet. There was an idiot ‘Niners fan who just kept talking trash and holding up 5 fingers, telling everyone to talk to him when they win 5. Let me know when the ‘Niners win one in the salary cap era.

I had an amazing time and hope to continue going back every year.


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