I love the people who try to grade the drafts, the same people who botch the mock drafts. This is a total crap shoot. To be honest, I had only heard 2 of the players the Ravens drafted, and that may be twice as many as most people. I knew Courtney Upshaw, and had limited knowledge of Bernard Pierce, that’s it. And I bet all the supposed experts had never seen any of the other guys on tape.

My point is this, it’s hard to assess any team’s draft until years down the line. I am not thrilled by the draft, because I have very little familiarity with the players and many of the schools. That said, I never heard of Lardarius Webb, Bart Scott, Adalius Thomas, Edwin Mulitalo, Sam Koch and so many others, and look at those guys turned out.

I don’t think the Ravens are where they were after last season, more losses than additions, but the door is open for other guys to step up and progress. How did they do in this year’s draft? Ask me after this season, or maybe the 2013 season.


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