By Alex DeMetrick

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With all its attractions, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor was still missing something.

Alex DeMetrick reports that void has now been filled, with the city’s newest public park.

A year ago, it was a vacant lot filled with weeds. Tucked behind the Columbus Center and in front of Pier 5, that same space is now lush with plants and grass, and sculptures designed for kids to climb around.

“It’s the only space that really connects Harbor East with the Inner Harbor, so we’re really proud of ourselves for having found this spot, because I think it desperately needed this,” said park fund raiser Susan Flanigan.

It’s called Pierce’s Park, after Baltimore businessman and civic leader Pierce Flanigan. His sudden death put his widow on the path to this accomplishment after their daughter said there was no park in the harbor to take their grandchildren.

“Right after the service, everybody was e-mailing each other saying we have to do this park and we have to do it for Pierce,” said Susan Flanigan.

Working with the city, $2 million was raised, and what was once ignored is hard to ignore now.

The park was designed to not only be seen, but heard–turning sculptures into musical fences.

“We wanted to make it not just a playground and not just an empty park, but something that would grow and children would grow with it,” said Flanigan.

It’s a journey that starts Sunday, when the park opens.

Pierce’s Park will open with a ribbon cutting at 2 p.m. on Sunday, followed by children’s activities and live entertainment. The public is welcome.


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