Steve Davis: Orioles For Real?

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I keep getting ask if this can last. My answer is: “I hope so…..but I doubt it.”

Check back with May 23 and we’ll have a better indication.

The Orioles are in the midst of playing the Yankees right now. They are in a stretch of playing the Yankees, Red Sox, Rangers and Rays (all potential playoff teams), then the Royals, who are awful, then more against the Yankees and Red Sox and a series against the Nationals (one of the better NL teams). I think if they hold their own for the next 3 1/2 weeks, we’ll have a better indication. I am not saying they are a playoff team, but they might be a lot better than everyone thought. You just have to do it for more than a month to convince most people.

That said, I am impressed with how they compete, and how role players have seized opportunities.

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