Dr. John Campbell, foot & ankle surgeon at Mercy Medical Center, joined Vinny Cerrato & Rob Long Thursday morning to answer questions & concerns about a torn Achilles tendon and the rehab process.

Although Terrell Suggs’ recovery will take many months, Campbell attempted to calm nerves of many Ravens fans.

“Ruptured Achilles tendon is a very, very common sports injury, typically treated in an athlete surgically.  There is usually very little chance it is treated without surgery unless it is a very mild strain.”

Listen to entire interview here:

Stitching the tendon back together is the beginning.  According to Campbell, the crucial part is rehab.

“It’s going to be a period of time where Suggs is gradually going to start to put weight on the leg again, working with trainers and therapists to get the movement back, working on his strength, and then, ultimately over time, working back to running again, doing that agility training and getting back that explosive power that a football player needs.”

So how long before fans can expect Terrell Suggs back on the field?

“An outside, realistic estimate is probably about six months,” Campbell said.

So, if surgery for Suggs is next week, will he be back this season?

“Not knowing all the details of his (Suggs’) particular injury, there is a chance he might be back by the later part or end of the season.  He might play a little bit.  But he’s going to be out for a significant portion of the season, while he’s rehabbing, probably,” Campbell said.

Suggs will be working hard on his rehab during the early part of the Ravens season.  However, Terrell Suggs himself is hoping for the best.  Suggs just tweeted: “Not done. Middle to end of October. Mos Def November.”


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