PARKVILLE, Md. (WJZ)– Two sisters from Parkville are being called heroes.

Jessica Kartalija reports, after a brave call to 911, the girls saved their grandfather’s life.

Emily Stunkel, 6, was home with her sister, 4-year-old Riley Stunkel, when their grandfather suddenly collapsed.

“We heard a big boom and it kind of shook the house a little,” Emily Stunkel said.

“Emily came in and said ‘Poppy, are you all right?’ and I said, ‘No Emmy, I’m hurting,'” Emily Stunkel’s grandfather, Richard Forstner, said.

That’s when Riley Stunkel used Forstner’s cell phone and dialed 911.

911 Operator: “Baltimore County 911. What’s the address of the emergency?”
Emily: “My Poppy fell in the bathroom, and he’s on the floor. He needs help.”

On Thursday, the girls were honored in a ceremony commending them for being brave and doing the right thing.

“I wish that every caller was like them,” said Heather Baker, the 911 operator. “They really had their act together, they knew exactly what to do and they stayed calm.”

“We called 911, but I wasn’t afraid,” Emily Stunkel said. “Riley was a little afraid.”

Forstner was rushed to Good Samaritan Hospital then transported to Shock Trauma, where he spent two weeks in the hospital.

“Baltimore County is proud for your good deed, and we wish you success in the future, and you get a special hero pin,” County Executive Kevin Kamenetz said.

The girls were also honored by three organizations promoting the use of the 911 emergency system.


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