GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WJZ)—Dozens of motorcycle riders gathered in Glen Burnie to honor those killed in accidents.

Monique Griego has more on the new danger they’re warning people about this Motorcycle Safety Month.

The roar of an engine and feel of the road. It’s what many bikers love. But it can come with a cost.

“If not for a motorist in a hurry I would still have my father and my mother would still have her husband,” said Carrie Shultz.

Carrie and Jamie Shultz’ father Martin was struck and killed by a driver in 2006.

Monday in Glen Burnie they gathered with bikers from across the state to honor the fallen riders of Maryland while also kicking off Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

“Take a moment to look both ways– not once, but twice,” said Jamie Schultz.

“Save a life – look twice” is the message state leaders want drivers to remember. Each sign at the event represented one of the 66 lives lost last year.

“With the warming weather every year, there’s going to be more motorcycle riders getting on our roadways and we need to share the road,” said John T. Kuo, MVA.

Higher gas prices this year has led to an increase in motorcycle sales, and inexperienced drivers many times can mean more crashes on the road.

“It’s important that these new riders, especially if they have no prior riding experience, that they get the proper training before they get on the roadways,” Kuo said.

Carrie and Jamie Shultz hope what happened to their father makes drivers think twice.

“I beg you to take the responsibility behind the wheel of your car. That extra time you take — while only seconds — could save a life,” Carrie Shultz.

The 2012 motorcycle safety campaign will be highlighted in May and throughout the summer riding months.


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