If you have been watching the NFL Network top 100 list, you would have seen that Joe Flacco was listed at #74 and Tony Romo was selected at 91.

Jamie Dukes, who is an analyst for the NFL Network, said that Flacco had no business being rated higher than Romo. It’s a fun debate to have and in actuality, I don’t believe there is a correct answer. I have had this argument so many times regarding Manning and Brady. For the longest period of time, Manning had the fantasy numbers and Brady had the hardware. Truth of the matter is that each quarterback is asked to do different things to help their team win.

Flacco isn’t asked to do as much in the passing game in Romo. The Ravens defense controlled a lot of games in the second half. So those are situations where you wouldn’t expect Flacco to throw the ball. I think both QB’s are very good ball players and you really cant go wrong with either one.

In my opinion, I would take Flacco if I were trying to win a game, but I would draft Romo for my fantasy team.

Watch the debate here:


…and his top 100 clip below:


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