Terrell Suggs is a fierce competitor. As tough at they come. His partially torn achilles would have lesser athletes, and normal people, out for up to a year. Not T-Sizzle. He says four to six months. I will believe him. Despite the medical experts who may lean towards that not happening. I will trust the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. No reason not to. Just understand that his recovery and his getting on the field are not mutually exclusive. When Suggs sees the field isn’t his decision, it sits with John Harbaugh and the front office.

Let’s assume for argument’s sake that Suggs comes back in six months. That’s November. 11-12 weeks of the NFL season are over. If the Ravens are sitting at 8-3 (a bye week thrown in there), is there a reason to rush Suggs back? If the Ravens somehow are 9-2 and boast the best defense in the league, do they need him to rush back? In an awful turn of fate, if the unimaginable happens and the Ravens are 3-8 with the worst defense in the league, what will Suggs help? What will change?

This is very much a wait and see situation. If the Ravens are hovering around .500 and starting a push for a playoff spot, that’s where Suggs can make the most difference. Furthermore, even at that, if they end up matching up in week 13 with a very week opponent, regardless of the situation, it’s probably wise to give him one more week to rest.

While Suggs’ adamant predictions are nice and comforting, it’s something that isn’t really up to him. It’s up to the other 52 “Mighty Men” to determine how badly he is needed.



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