By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– The recent Court of Appeals ruling declaring all pit bulls as dangerous animals is now affecting pit bull owners who rent their homes.

As Mike Schuh reports, one man has a choice between his dogs or his home.

At Mark Davidson’s rental home, Mr. Rotten waits at the door. Coming in from the right– Miss C.J.

Both are part pit bull, which explains the notice on the dining room table. It’s from his landlord.

“This paperwork: And of June the 1st, effectively the dogs have to be up off the property or we’ve got to go up off the property. And I’ve lived here for eight years,” Davidson said.

Two weeks ago, the Court of Appeals said all pit bulls or pit mixes are inherently dangerous.

Five years ago, a 10-year-old boy in Towson was attacked by a pit bull.

“He grabbed my leg and started shaking me around,” Dominic Solesky said.

His parents sued the landlord saying they should have known a tenant’s pit bull was dangerous.

That ruling means boxes now pile up in Davidson’s dining room.

“I’ve packed up everything as you can see,” he said.

He’s packing up, wanting to be ready if he’s thrown out. He’s looking for another place to take him and his two dogs.

Following nine operations on his spine, Davidson is disabled. After expenses, he only has $13 left at the end of the month. So far, he can’t find another place.

The thought of giving his dogs to a kill shelter, brings him to tears. He’s ready to live on the streets.

“It’s my only alternative. I can’t put them down. There’s no way. No way, they’re my children,” Davidson said.

He has 21 days to find a home. His landlord did not return our calls.

Some legislators want to address the issue in the upcoming special session, but the governor and legislative leaders have declared that the budget will be the only item on the table.


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