BALTIMORE (WJZ)—It’s become one of Baltimore’s hottest tickets and it happens Saturday. It’s fun, food and a whole lot more.

Ron Matz reports the Third Annual Foodie Experience is happening at the Hippodrome.

Christine Richardson will bring her IcedGems cupcakes food truck to Saturday’s Foodie Experience at the Hippodrome.

“IcedGems is two years old,” Richardson said. “We have a second truck now and that’s really cool. We are so excited about the foodie experience. We’re going to be here Saturday from 3 til 6 p.m.”

The experience includes samplings from 35 restaurants, including the Waterfront Kitchen.

“One of the interesting things about Baltimore is the culinary scene is growing up. Big cities like Aspen and San Diego have these food and wine festivals and this I think is going to grow into our big main event. The Hippodrome has a vision to maybe turn this into a two or three-day event,” said Jerry Pellegrino, Waterfront Kitchen co-owner.

The Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern is this year’s main attraction.

“We have a VIP component as well. We do a tasting with the guest chef. After the show the VIPs can go on stage with Andrew and do a truffle and wine tasting. He’ll sign books and it will be a lot of fun. We still have tickets available,” said Jeff Daniel, Hippodrome Theatre president.

And for the first time, Eutaw Street will close to make way for Baltimore’s best food trucks.

“We’re actually closing the street so the food trucks can join the fun. It starts at 3 o’clock. You have three hours to hang out with your friends, enjoy food, wine and beer and then go inside and see the show with Andrew Zimmern from the Travel Channel,” Daniel said.

For foodies in Baltimore, it doesn’t get any better.

“The Foodie Experience is about food, wine, fun and a show at the Hippodrome. We have over 30 restaurants and this year we have food trucks. All bring about a thousand samples apiece of their best and favorite foods for people to sample,” Daniel said.

IcedGems’ red velvet cupcake is a foodie experience.

“I think it’s a really good way of getting local people to find out about all these good restaurants. We’re a local company and we use local products where we can. It’s really good to be a part of it,” said Richardson, IcedGems owner.

“This is the third one. It’s almost double the size of last year. It’s going to continue to grow, and it will be one that gets on the culinary map. People will be coming to Baltimore for our food and wine experience,” Pellegrino said.

For more information about Saturday’s Foodie Experience at the Hippodrome, click here.


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