It’s been such a breath of fresh air to see the O’s do more than just play decent ball, they’re playing first place ball. Teamwork, pitching, hitting & clutch hitting, power, bullpen, it’s been amazing. Not enough though, not with Texas in town, not with best record in the bigs hosting the two time reigning AL pennant winner Rangers last week.

11,000 at the games during the week is weak, PERIOD. Is Baltimore the only place it’s chilly? Is Baltimore the only school district that lets school out late May & June? Rhetorical questions. The point is stop giving me excuses and get to the yard. I’m in pain too. I get over the pain by enjoying what I can get. I can get a great game day experience, atmosphere and ballpark, at the least As of right now throw in a first place AL east leading Baltimore Orioles club.

It’s nice, it just feels nice to go see baseball and winning baseball at that. There is something about a Baltimore baseball win. Feels like it means more because it was earned more, by us the fans. You know it’s funny how people can change from hater to follower with just a few wins. Baltimore is a proud fan base, known for it actually. Orioles Park at Camden Yards is a symbol, to the league and country, of this city. What kind of message does that send out about about Baltimore?

Get to a game, support the Orioles. Worst case they lose again, you are an expert in dealing with that. Best case they keep winning. Either way you get baseball back in your life.

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