BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A looming deadline for skateboarders and bikers. They’re hoping for a new park in Baltimore City.

But Tim Williams reports, time is running out on the deal.

Behind the Roosevelt Park Recreation Center in Hampden is the making of what could be a state-of-the-art skateboard park for the Baltimore area.

“Right now, the conditions are pretty poor. I mean, nothing here is really well done; it’s all beat up and kind of tattered,” said skateboarder Daniel Oliver.

Oliver is a member of Skatepark of Baltimore and one of a growing number of skateboarders and bikers who use this park for lack of a nicer place to go.

“This park has the potential to be something amazing and something that would attract people from all around the country,” Oliver said.

But instead, many stunt obstacles are makeshift and potentially dangerous.

“They’ve been donated by local businesses. Some of them have been donated by our organization and a lot of them have been built by the kids. Every trash day, there’s a different collection of skate obstacles,” said Stephanie Murdock.

Murdock is with Skatepark of Baltimore, a non-profit group raising money to create a better facility. The group has secured a limited grant but is still racing the clock. The city will match the organization’s $75,000 of fundraising, but they only have two weeks to do it.

“We have about 20 days to raise another 15 grand. We’ve been working on this project for seven years, so if we meet this match, we’ll actually be able to break ground,” Murdock said.

For donation information on the skate park, click here.

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