ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—A well-liked Anne Arundel County dentist was murdered in his own office. His assistant admits hiring a hitman to commit the crime. Now that man is on trial.

Weijia Jiang has more on a dramatic twist.

That assistant who hired the hitman is now the state’s star witness. She’s expected to testify against the hitman, who is also a member of her family.

In 2006, Dr. Albert Ro was bludgeoned to death. Police found the popular Glen Burnie dentist inside his office, stabbed 39 times and beaten beyond recognition.

“Shock. I think we were having a nightmare. This is unbelievable. The family is traumatized,” said Ro’s loved one.

A grand jury indictment says Ro was killed at the hands of 25-year-old Dante Jeter, whose trial is underway.

Jurors are expected to hear testimony against him from his own cousin, 37-year-old Shontay Hickman.

Three months ago, the state’s star witness pleaded guilty to murder in the case. Hickman, Ro’s former receptionist, says she paid Jeter $1,000 to kill her boss. The motive was cash.

Hickman confessed to embezzling $17,000 from Ro. Worried about getting caught, she ordered a hit.

On Tuesday a bank fraud investigator poured through records, showing Hickman withdrew money right after the beating to pay Jeter. Hickman agreed to take the witness stand in exchange for a shorter sentence, 40 years in jail.

Hickman is expected to testify first thing Wednesday morning.

Police believe there were two others involved in the attack. If Hickman reveals more information about who they are, her sentence could be reduced even more, to 30 years.

This case sat cold for four years until police found a fingerprint at the scene, linking them to Jeter.


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